Maylene And The Sons of Disaster

Maylene And The Sons of Disaster

Man Eating Tiger

Man Eating Tiger was started by brothers Jason Simpson, (formerly of "For the Last Time", "Ultraman", "Hell in the Cannon", and others), and Owen Simpson ("If Not For The Knife"). We wanted a fun, professional project to focus our creativity.

We tried many talented guitarists and eventually decided that Ryan Metz ("If Not For The Knife"), a long time friend of the brothers, and former band member to Owen, had a great attitude, and was a positive addition to our songwriting. Ryan "clicked" and hours of jamming and songwriting ensued.

Over the next several months a diverse and powerful array of music was created and roughly recorded in our home studio. We began our search for a second guitarist, and after several tries, Robb Martinez, a long time friend, and former member of "ASD", "The Skyline", "Bi-Level", and others, had the schedule and talent that fit. Initially, Robb intended to fill dual roles of rhythm guitar and lead vocals, but as our music evolved into a more technical form, He wanted to focus his talent on vocals, and now is beginning to explore keyboards as an additional tool.

Now, with several shows under our belts, and with our debut CD released, we are taking the local scene slowly, trying to get out of town, and writing another album. All of our music so far has been completely self sponsored, from writing to recording to booking and managing. We appreciate the support of our friends, fans, and family!

Our influences run vast and wide, with many common and uncommon denominators. Together, our focus is to play good music well, and to fall between few lines in our creative process. We want to provide entertainment for our friends and families, and build a fan base that extends beyond the Midwest. Please join us in sharing our music by passing word and music along to your friends and families. Expect approximately a show a month locally, and out of town.

Thanks for your support!

Jason, Owen, Ryan, Jason and Robb

Scout's Honour

Upon Betrayal

A band of friends brought together through love of music and sarcasm and awesome fun and creativity. Came together to make one thing happen. Serve the music world with the best ideas yet, to come from young minds. And brought forth the blood, sweat, and moshing of their fans to come. Here a new beginning, and 'Awaken' the music we've been waiting to share to our families, friends, and fans. We welcome you. \m/

North To Alaska

$13.00 - $15.00

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$3 minor surcharge at the door

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