The Bomb Sawyers, Cokegoat, Many Places, Neverender


The Bomb Sawyers are a two-man band from Chicago, Illinois. Their hard-rocking, lyrics-driven music draws from such influences as Buddy Holly, Flogging Molly, Johnny Cash and Neutral Milk Hotel. Jason Horwitz, originally of Houston, provides rowdy, relentless drumming and soulful vocal harmonies. Ben Saller, a Chicago native, brings his own brand of intense singing along with frenetic guitar-work. The Bomb Sawyers love nothing more than lighting a crowd's fuse and causing an explosion of boot-stomping, hand-clapping, knee-slapping and whiskey-drinking while they wail the night away.


Featuring members of American Draft, Veterans, Masses, and High Wasted, COKEGOAT is an aggressive, 6 member metal oriented band founded in and by Chicago. Artfully combining elements of doom, stoner and blackened death metal with tasteful guitar licks, COKEGOAT wants to taste your outsides from the inside.

Many Places

Hailing from Chicago, Many Places create a shadowy breed of rock incorporating elements from dark folk, shoegaze, and indie rock. The group initially formed in 2008 as "Places" but reorganized in 2011 to perform singer-songwriter Kevin Rieg's solo album "Another Oath"(Tandem Shop). Many Places has since played more than a dozen shows, was featured on Daytrotter, and has toured cities across the Midwest. The recently released EP "Home + Departed" showcases the talents of Kevin Rieg (Vocals, Guitar), Nick Godden (Bass), Matt
Hennessey (Drums, Percussion, Piano) and Neil Erker (Guitar).


progressive rock / classic rock / progressive metal


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