W*A*S*H (We're All Stars Here)

A LIVE night of Comedy and Music showcasing Bay Area talent -- 21st century vaudeville meets experimental variety show, every Thursday night at 7:00.

Alexa Von Kickinface

Alexa Von Kickinface is a rising San Francisco burlesque sensation that spreads her glittery passion all over the Bay. She's a regular feature at both Red Hots Burlesque and Hubba Hubba Revue, as well as the sinfully rich San Francisco festival scene including the Gay Pride Parade and the Folsom Street Fair. Alexa Von Kickinface has also been known to pop up at other fun and fabulous burlesque, drag, and variety events - and she's always looking for new places to knock your socks off! Interested? Email AlexaVonKickinface@gmail.com for the quickest response.

Ronn Vigh

Ronn Vigh, so-sexy-it’s-difficult-to-not-jump-his-bones-while-he’s-on-stage, brings his unique brand of comedy to clubs, colleges, and airport lavatories all over the world. His brash attitude and acerbic wit have earned him a comparison to a young Joan Rivers by SF Weekly.

He was featured on NBC’s Last Comic Standing II and in 2005 started comedy night at Harvey’s and currently produces the successful “Harvey’s Funny Tuesdays” weekly comedy show in the Castro District of San Francisco. No stranger to the comedy club and alternative scene, he has hosted and performed at venues such as the San Francisco Punchline, Palm Springs Pride, 10th Annual Michigan ComedyFest, Rooftop Comedy’s Out Loud Festival, Las Vegas Out Q Festival, Lake Tahoe Gay & Lesbian WinterFest, and the list goes on and on and on—much like when Ronn speaks.

His one man show “98 Pounds of Fury” enjoyed a successful run, he appeared in the Off-Broadway smash hit 10 Naked Men, tours with the show “A Fag, A Hag and A Drag” and has co-hosted live broadcasts such as the San Francisco GLBT Pride Parade for ClearChannel networks in 2008.

He’s played Joan Rivers at Comedy Noir’s Jesus Roast, a gay Elvis Presley in a Vegas.com commercial, and a science geek in a MagRack ad displayed in NYC subways. Needless to say he’s versatile (in many ways).

Ronn loves appearing on radio and television and anywhere he can get paid to talk and give his opinions. He regularly hosts culture and nightlife segments on VidSF.com and has contributed to KOFY-TV, Energy 92.7s Fernando & Greg Show, Shake Radio, Free FM and more. His quirky, quick on his feet personality makes Ronn a one of a kind host who can engage, energize and flirt like no other!

His biggest accomplishment to date: working as a flight attendant and never smothering any of his passengers with a pillow.

The Jean Genies (Bowie)

Freak out in a Moonage Daydream, Oh Yeah ....

Andrew Roberts

I am one of 3 billion people living on a planet called earth. I have no idea what I'm doing and i wander around with my head up my arse most the time. I get the feeling I'm being punished for something. Maybe it's for the starving children in Africa, indirectly. But i mean they would have stronger interpersonal relations than us cause they don't have the struggle for material gain and the yearning to enslave and dominate your fellow man like we do. We have things but those things come at a cost and that cost is loneliness (awww). So if your feeling lonely or depressed, you deserve it.

Nathan Habib

Hello! I’m a stand up comedian who brings a fresh personality on stage with a burst of energy only comparable to the mintiest mouthwash. Oh you want jokes? I got those too! I’ll share with you my social observations on life with a confidently silly attitude. I’ve brought my witty humor at clubs all over California and have performed with national headliners such as Arj Barker, Rich Vos, Mark Pitta, Jim David, and Moshe Kasher.

I was born in Belgium, raised in Palo Alto California where I was brought up in a Jewish Israeli household with a Latvian mother, an Italian raised dad, and two older brothers giving me plenty to talk about. I recently graduated from UC Santa Cruz and have been doing comedy since my freshman year of high school.

Trixie Rasputin

Brad Brooks

Brad Brooks is that rare quadruple threat of writer, player, singer, and performer.

His songs combine the melodic sensibility of Elvis Costello, the best instincts of Wilco and Brian Wilson, along with the orchestral sophistication of Queen.

Brooks is rooted in a kind of Victorian California romanticism; and with the release of his record “Harmony Of Passing Light” Brooks joined his peers with the best work of his career.
His gift for melody and his soaring vocals remain the most immediately impressive traits of his music. Brooks' voice can wail like a blue-eyed soul singer, whisper plaintively, croon with just a touch of twang, or soar through the most demanding melodic acrobatics. Brooks has found the essence of his own unique voice, and been one of the Bay Area's best-kept secrets for years.

He’s also survived stage 4 throat cancer as of last year, and has been in the studio with his live band recording a new record with Adam Rossi at AR Audio in SF, with songs mixed by Craig Schumacher of Wavelab from Tucson.

Brooks has also shared the stage with Phil Lesh of the Grateful Dead, opened for Grammy-winning band Train, Imagine Dragons, Butch Walker, and Linda Perry.

Arnie Ellis

I am a stand-up comedian, actor, writer, and spoken word artist who has performed at Harvard, Florida State University (my alma mater), and The World Series of Comedy in Vegas. I have opened for awesome comics including Craig Ferguson, Brian Posehn, and Nick Di Paolo.

Alex Mandel

Alex Mandel is a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer, and composer for film, TV and radio.

The latest PIXAR feature film, Brave (2012), features two songs Mandel wrote for the movie: "Into the Open Air", and "Touch the Sky" -- the latter, with lyrics co-written with Director Mark Andrews. They are both sung by Scottish musician Julie Fowlis, and feature guitar work and arrangements by Mandel. "Touch the Sky" has struck a chord with global audiences, with over 4 Million views on YouTube and more than 20 fan cover versions; it's even featured daily at Disneyland's "World of Color". The more contemplative "Into the Open Air" featured in the film during a touching scene between mother and daughter, and in a TV spot celebrating Mother's Day. Brave has been embraced globally, and has grossed over $500 Million worldwide.

As composer and musical director for the NPR/PBS radio and TV show Snap Judgment LIVE, Mandel's accompanied storytellers with a live band at sold-out venues in Oakland, San Francisco, Washington DC, and Austin, Texas. One of the performances, a compelling story by 15-year old Noah St. John, went viral, racking up over 530,000 views in two months.

He also composed the orchestral score for the PIXAR short film "Your Friend the Rat" -- directed by Academy Award Nominee Jim Capobianco (Best Original Screenplay, Ratatouille) -- which won the Annie Award in 2007 for Best Animated Short Film, and is featured on the Pixar Shorts Volume 2 Blu-Ray, available in November 2012.

Mandel provided the score and songs for Tracy, Dan Scanlon's debut feature film (Director, Monsters University). Other film scores include Violet (dir. Mark Andrews), Trifles (dir. Pam Walker), and Mr. Incredible and Pals (dir. Roger Gould) from the Incredibles DVD.

Mandel started writing songs at the age of 7, and performing them in bands when he was 12 years old. Since then, he has released four critically-acclaimed albums of his songs, one with The Echo Falls and three with The Fingers.
Mandel has worked at Pixar for the past decade. As a manager on such films as Up, Toy Story 3, and Cars 2, Mandel is a filmmaker well versed in collaboration.

The East Bay 3 (W*A*S*H house band)

The gents of the East Bay 3 have mastered telepathy, subliminal body language, and reflex training to sharpen their skills as accompanists. Want them to back you on "Billie Jean," done as a bossa-nova? Done. Want to stop on the chorus of a B-side by the Cure to tell your Robert Smith story? Got it. Want to sing "The Greatest Love of All" over a Sex Pistols riff? Roger that. Each week, new musical guests and audience members throw heavy objects at the EB3, and each week, some blood is left on the stage. The Rev. Gil Gilmartin, a former resident of Brazil, wears his thunderbass high; Kevin Seal, from Griddle and Pandora's music team, experiments on a Fender Rhodes; session drummer and studio wizard Adam White is widely known as The Most Followable Drummer In The Western Hemisphere. The EB3's motto? "The singer is always right."


Off Sale

W*A*S*H shows some skin and supplies some Thin White Duke on August 15. It's "BOWIE - BURLESQUE." The brilliant ALEXA VON KICKINFACE leads a coterie of astonishing burlesque dancers, while some of California's finest musical talents leap into the catalog of David Bowie (we're talking Brooks, Elrod, Beers, Mandel, Rasputin & Erickson, all total bad-asses). Adding to the Bowie barrage, early in the night (7pm start!), is San Francisco's marvelous JEAN GENIES. And we'll see comedy sets from RONN VIGH, Under the Golden Gate's ANDREW ROBERTS, and from Los Angeles, ARNIE ELLIS. And from Santa Cruz by way of sheer awesome, NATHAN HABIB. More great musicians joining in the Bowie love: PIEFACE FIORENTINO. CHUCK LINDO. ADAM WHITE. ALEX deCARVILLE. ADAM LORD. KID ANDERSON. LISA LUESCHNER. BOWIE / BURLESQUE! Yatta!!

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