Hiding Scarlet

Hiding Scarlet

Hiding Scarlet is a violin infused progressive rock band from Central Pennsylvania. This quintet is know for their energetic and dramatic live performances. The fusion of musical genres including progressive rock, metal, classical, Celtic and alternative rock fuel this groups explorations of dark vs. light themes with a tinge of elegance. With 7 string guitars, beautiful violin lines, haunting vocal melodies and a well timed rhythm section merging into one atmosphere Hiding Scarlet is dedicated and devoted to producing the music that moves our souls while providing listeners with a commentary of the human condition. That human condition which can be comprised of despair, rejection, and death counter balanced by joy, hope, and life is what pushes this ever evolving and innovative band to pour out passion for music in everything they do and connect directly to you the listener.

Hudson K

Hudson K is electro-­synth rock with influences ranging from Siousxie and the Banshees to P.J. Harvey. Comparisons to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Annie Lennox have been made in recent press. Over the past seven years of cultivating their sound through energized and often extravagant stage shows, Hudson K has built a loyal following across the Easter...n States in cities ranging from Chattanooga to Knoxville, Asheville, Philadelphia, and New York among others.

Bold exploration is what caught the attention of producer Jason Rubal at Seventh Wave. “It all started with a message I got out of the blue one day from Jason,” recounts Hudson K founder, Christina Horn, “It said, Mark my words: Some day, I will make your album.”

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