Brown and Blue + The Ragged Jubilee + Michael Davis With Lions + Windham Flat

Brown and Blue

Brown and Blue has existed in many forms over many years. It began in 2006 as the solo project of singer/songwriter Danny Nogueiras. Over the years it has taken shape in many different ways with many different friends before finding just the right mix of people to create something truly special. The band (now consisting of Danny Nogueiras, Ricky and Ray Cruces, Bert White, and Anthony Pausic) draws from classic Americana sounds and composition, fusing it with a more modern sometimes even emo sentiment to create something just as akin to Big Star or The Band as it is to Bright Eyes or Wilco. Their latest EP 'A Warmer Climate' was released in the summer of 2012 and received a solid critical and fan response. Brown and Blue are currently in the studio recording a new single to be out this summer and a new record they hope to have out later this year.

The Ragged Jubilee

The Ragged Jubilee is a five piece Blues/Rock n' Roll band residing in Los Angeles, CA. Embracing the raw sound and energy of classic rock, they have created their own style and passion for anything that gets feet stompin' and bodies moving. Live shows are filled with cutting banjo, a booming bass/rhythm section, and integrated guitar, organ, and percussion. What really makes it a unique experience is the expressive power of lead singer Ethan Burns. His vocals are filled with soulful introspection that you will feel. No show is exactly the same, but the band is always guaranteed to bring relentless energy and musicianship that is impossible to ignore.

Michael Davis With Lions

Baseball is a game of patience. It is a game of details. Michael Davis is a die-hard baseball fan (his team is the St. Louis Cardinals in case you were wondering). Like the sport, Davis' musical career has been much about patience and trusting his instinct. While living in St. Louis, Michael recorded his debut album It is your corner, an introspective record that seemed to find the perfect balance of calm and tension. The album was followed by Brothers And Sisters EP, a batch of songs that eventually led to his move to Los Angeles. While on the West Coast, Michael learned not to "call his shot" too early in the game. He honed his craft playing a handful of shows with the likes of Dawes and A.A. Bondy, trusting that a slow and steady build was more important than a quick rise-and-fall from the top. His songwriting can be at times haunting, and recent solo performances caught the attention of some of the top musicians in the LA, including Nik Freitas, an esteemed songwriter who is also known for his work in Conor Oberst's Mystic Valley Band, and as a touring member of Broken Bells. With an excitement for his new batch of songs, and Freitas in the producer's chair, Michael hit the studio to record what would become Real Love, his first release as Michael Davis With Lions. The album finds Davis' wonderfully honest songwriting taking a sonic leap, resulting in his best and most dynamic work. With Real Love on the horizon, and a slew of upcoming LA dates, it appears that patience may be paying off, the bases are loaded, and Davis is up to bat.

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