Bonnie Prince Billy

Bonnie Prince Billy

Over the course of five albums and countless singles, compilation tracks, collaborations, live performances and material not intended for release, Bonnie 'Prince' Billy has become a sought-after commodity around the free world, as well as some of the uncharted, "evil" parts of the planet.

The Bonnie 'Prince' got his start as the featured singer with the Palace Music band. He struck out on his own in 1998. His first expression was a curious one: "I Am Drinking Again." When had we ever known him to drink before? When had we even known him at all? Here, Bonny's black humor first raised its hoary head, and belched a good one. This record set the tone for that first year: four singles on four different labels from three different countries (Domino, Lowfly, Allcity and Palace Records). This delivered the message that Bonny belonged to no one man -- but conversely, to the whole freaking world. "I Am Drinking Again" was sold to Italian audiences in March and April of 1998 during shows played with Bryan Rich in accompaniment. The mood was romantic. For the remainder of the year, Bonny appeared around Europe and the US in the company of different friends and fellow players -- the beginning of a regular and far-flung tour schedule that continues to this day, where shows are played to reach new audiences in new environments for Bonny and his everswelling band of brothers to explore and enjoy. Thusly, '99 kicked off with more dates, this time in Ireland, Paris and Reykjavik (and England, proving that there's always an exception to the tour schedule rule) with Easy Times, an ad-hoc trio made up of Mike Fellows, James Lo and Matt Sweeney.

The cold dawn of 1999 brought the darkness -- the first Bonnie 'Prince' Billy album, I See a Darkness was released in January on Palace Records, taking his name to the masses. This bleak and hectic record remains a fan favorite to this very day. Kids are sick like that. But they like good songs. Looking to see a bit of sunshine, Bonny spent the month of June heading west, north and east in the company of good friends -- Bob Arellano, Colin Gagon, Mike Fellows and Joe Propatier -- and stopping to play 27 shows along the way. Whew!

In 2000, the Tour That Always Ends returned Bonny to the Scandinavian Peninsula for a week of solo in-store performances, bringing him closer to the curious tribes of northern Europe. Free shows ease the tension on everyone, which is something Bonny likes to do once every blue moon or so. Ease the tension, that is. Back in the USSA, a defection to Cuba was arranged in March with Cubano Bob Arellano and his Havanarama leading the charge and Papa M in tow, all of them living la vida loca. Jumping from one island (and hemisphere) to another, Bonny landed in Australia for solo appearances opening for The Dirty Three. Next, a Mediterranean sojourn: a return to Italy and his first ever concerts in Greece with Matt and Spencer Sweeney and Mike Fellows -- fun fellows all. Lest you think that the Bonnie 'Prince' did nothing that but leap on and off of planes, trains, busses and limousines, records tell us that time was also spent in the studio in the year 2000. Releases included the "Little Boy Blue" 7" single, the "More Revery" CDEP and a collaborative EP with Mick Turner (aka The Marquis de Tren) entitled "Get On Jolly."

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Mount Eerie is an Anacortes, Washington-based band fronted by Phil Elverum. Elverum is the principal member of the band, but he has collaborated with many other musicians on his records.

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