2nd Annual Pantera Tribute Show

3rd Annual Pantera Tribute Show

3rd annual Pantera tribute show. Where each band plays some
sort of Pantera tribute cover. Local and regional Pantera tribute groups pay tribute to the greatest metal guitarist of all time... Dimebag Darrell. Proceeds towards the treatment of Veterans affected by PTSD.

Cast In Fire

Cast In Fire started in 2005 with guitarist, Scott Scharf, who had an incessant itch to scratch. That itch, the need to create something brutal and heavy but unique in its own way. It began as a studio project, just something to satisfy the need while other projects brewed. For several years, it remained that way, the fix abated, the urge sated.

In the winter of 2009, Scott was introduced to J, a vocalist with a similar need. With a single recording session, the songs that Scott had written transformed into something that could no longer be contained in a simple studio project. The search to fill out the band began.

Many attempts to find the right group of musicians were made, and many failed. In the spring of 2010, Chris Fox, an energetic string player joined the group, lending his skill at the low end.

In the winter of 2010 Cross stepped up to the drum throne and began to play the songs with a new vigor that blew out drum heads and shredded sticks.

Cast In Fire has been playing with the current lineup for the last three years, and has shared the stage with numerous local and national bands. The sound is ever-changing and consistently evolving, so prepare for the metals.

Wake & Prevail

Look, I'm Burning

The boys in the Madison-based metalcore quintet Look, I'm Burning are proof that dairy is not the only notable export coming out of Wisconsin. Already having released two EPs and a full length record with producer Joel Wanasek (Good Fight Music, Universal Records) and a new EP due out in Fall of 2012 with producer Drew Fulk (Sumerian Records, Fearless Records), the band is poised to take the nati
on and the world by storm not only through their extensive recording experience but also by their pulse-pounding live show. "We all want to make music our lives," bassist/singer Matt Tyler said in a recent interview, "We had to wait a long time before we played shows because we wanted to come out sounding the very best we possibly could. We all have the drive and dedication to give 100% of ourselves to our craft". With hundreds of shows and two Midwestern and East Coast tours under their belt, the band's patience has paid off.

$5 Cover

Proceeds go to Madison Dryhootch for the treatment of Veterans affected by PTSD.

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