The Lighthouse And The Whaler

The Lighthouse And The Whaler

The Lighthouse and the Whaler plays indie-folk-pop and does not believe that genre labels tell you anything you need to know about a band. It has nevertheless caught the attention of MTV, Fuse, FILTER, Spinner, Under the Radar and other media outlets that cater to indie-folk-pop music fans.

The band has performed at venues like Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame, SXSW, House of Blues and Mercury Lounge, though its favorite show to date took place in the attic of an old bookstore. The Lighthouse and the Whaler has shared stages with Sufjan Stevens, The Temper Trap, GIVERS and The Dodos, and shared blankets while sleeping in its donated mini-van, nicknamed Serena.

John Richards of KEXP called The Lighthouse and the Whaler his new favorite band. He may be the smartest man on the planet.

NEULORE was formed in Nashville, TN in the Autumn of 2009 to tell stories of hope. After releasing a well-crafted EP, “Apples & Eve”, they have begun to take their heartfelt songs to the masses. With a live show that not only entertains, but affects, leaving the audience with a sense that anything is possible, Neulore is captivating the hearts of all who draw near. Describing their sound as “truth in modern tones” and boldly stating that “the new folk music has arrived” they are firmly rooted in the tradition of community, the pursuit of wisdom, and the telling of timeless stories from a fresh perspective.

Like Crazy

Like Crazy is a folk pop duo from Philadelphia formed during the dark winter nights of 2013 by guitarist Greg Pearse and vocalist Chelsea Breanna. Like Crazy's musical style has been described as "Quiet and Gorgeous" to "Catchy and Quick", but all together explores the complete emotional spectrum of life. The lyrics, often quite dark, deal with failed relationships, conflicts and young love. During there live shows, which are usually stripped down to just a guitar and vocal, both members, however, make it clear through jokes and storytelling, that they are generally fun and uplifting people that enjoy writing happy pop songs, but find that they can connect more to there fans by writing heart-breaking lyrics on hopeless despair. The band just released there most recent EP, "Brand New Heart", last summer and are in the process of writing and recording there first full length record.

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