VietNam, Time Hitler And The Assholes From Space

VietNam makes their long-awaited return with a new album, An American Dream, to be released on Mexican Summer, Feb 26th 2013. Michael Gerner, the creative force behind VietNam, is back onstage for the first time in five years with a new six-piece lineup (featuring half of his old band) laying down his signature cocktail of apocalyptic street blues. After taking a long break to explore his interest in ambient analog synth soundscapes on the West Coast (scoring films and recording with his project DA), Gerner has now made a bold comeback to both New York and rock and roll with his best record to date – adding a new dimension to the instrumentation with a moog player and a violinist. VietNam's prior releases include their critically-acclaimed and commercially successful self titled debut LP VietNam on Kemado Records in 2007, three prior EP's on The Social Registry, and their debut, The Concrete's Always Grayer on the Other Side of the Street, on Vice Records in 2003.

Time Hitler And The Assholes From Space

THATAFS is a five-piece band of psychedelic heroes come to Earth from another dimension to revive all things sacred in rock 'n' roll, and rid the universe of the nefarious Time Hitler. Based just outside of Philadelphia, the quintet formed and grew out of high school comraderies as early as 2009, never with much more intent than to create some of the loudest, most obnoxious statements in both their music and their tongue-in-cheek nature as self-described "assholes."

March 2012 saw the release of the largely acoustic album, "Time Hitler and the Assholes from Space Proudly Present: In A Dream," which served as the band's first "official" effort, taking the form of a totally D.I.Y. production, ultimately realized in a cluttered basement of their guitarist's house. Propelled by this project, Time Hitler and the Assholes from Space linked up with a new drummer (Force) on 'set, and went on to play a score of shows that summer and fall including all over Philadelphia's Fishtown (PA), Ewing (NJ), and Wilmington (DE), making a name for themselves as space freaks with a penchant for garage rock, wielding a powerhouse, wall-of-sound arsenal of dual guitars and space sax, anchored by the pumping and propulsive grooves shared between the bass and drums.

In the winter of 2012-2013, THATAFS went into hibernation once again with plans to return with a full-length, studio recording. And now, after booking several sessions with West Philly's Sex Dungeon Studios (Speedy Ortiz, Pile,Snoozer, Prime Homeless Time, Ugh God, Fat History Month, On The Water), they very proudly present to you their debut, studio-recorded full-length, "Wild & Willing." Now, you can fully realize the fat, crushing tower-of-power of their live shows, intimately pumping through your stereo "in throbbing color"; 13 original tracks of heady, garage space-punk explored by a band of psychonauts unglued in time.

The Cats

"On Facebook, this South Philly band has filled in its genre tags thusly: “rock, old guy lo-fi.” Not wrong, but definitely an undersell for an act this exciting. The Cats are gorgeous and inventive in a Guided By Voices/Breeders way, only young and full of vinegar.

Released back in April, Relax on Everyone is a loud, dirty, kinda sludgy/kinda vibrant chunk of poppy punk. The songs are short. The guitars know just the right moment to get all fuzzy and punchy, to make you want to move. Manon Gordan’s vocals may well have been sung through an Arby’s drive-thru — in a good way — but when it comes to punk passion this band delivers."
-CITYPAPER, Patrick Rapa

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