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Beyond Influence

Originally created in 1998 called " D.R.C." by guitarist and founder Mike Dallaire---D.R.C. played in the Denver Metro Area from 1998-2004, then re-formed in 2006. The band changed it's name to "Kings on the Outside" in 2007, and officially changed it's name to "Beyond Influence" in 2008. Current lineup 2011 - Paul Rampa - Vocals, Mike Dallaire - Guitar, Richard England - Guitar, Scott "Axe" Hendrick - Bass, Joel Rioux - Drums.


We are an original rock band. Our backgrounds lie in heavy metal, prog, and anything else quality. Our influences are endless and ever growing. We are very song oriented, but leave room from prog and other quirks to find their way into our music.

Originally formed in the mid2000s, Nate and Nathan collaberated after leaving Torture Device's brief existence on the planet. The line up has shifted a little over the years, accompanied by a hiatus or two. Chris Curtis is a friend of Nate's and filled the void on bass, and Jeff is a friend of Nathan's and has replaced our previous drummers.

Sublingual is preparing to record a new record, beginning in April/May of 2011.

A Thief's Plot

A Thief's Plot began with members Dillon Dugan and Michael Sienicki. A previous bandmate responded to a musicians wanted ad Michael put online in July of 2010. Out of an unfortunate fallout with the previous bassist and guitarist, Mike and Dillon continued to play music together until December of 2010 when they met what would become ATP. With Alex Mills at Lead Guitar and A.J. Gutierrez at bass, the band found a unique rock n roll sound all their own. In Dillon's basement ATP worked hard in preparation to take their music live. Within two weeks of practice, they piled into the studio to record their first tracks, Ashes, Goner, and Riptide. Soon after they began composing over a dozen original songs, and began booking shows from Bushwackers, to Sidekicks Saloon, and the renown Gothic Theater. A Thief's Plot is dedicated to representing change in music and change in a generation. As time passes they reach deeper into the music and themselves while they continue to learn and progress. In the end, this is a band who's musical career is beginning to unfold nicely, so keep both eyes on ATP.

The Particular Individuals

What do you do with four particularly different individuals? You form a band! Duh!
We love to play our music and we love to be able to share it with all ears! As long as it brings a smile to your face, we will do what we do best to bring out the ROCK!


The music began in early 2012 with Mr. Mario Betancourt and Joel Patterson. Fall brought the formal addition of Jade "Gorthak" Valkyrie and Emerald Bixby.

Fast Crash posted a few raw live bleed recordings and began playing venues and house parties in the Spring of 2013 to very enthusiastic crowds of loving fans!

Fast Crash began home studio recording tracks in the winter of 2013 and hope to complete and master a full length release ASAP!

A recent change in lineup says thank you to Emerald Bixby for her efforts over the past year. A new vocalist will be unveiled soon!



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