Larry and His Flask

Larry And His Flask is made up of 6 young men who play their hearts out every chance they get! With beginnings in Redmond, Oregon LAHF started playing in late 2003 as a 3 piece punk rock band and have since evolved into a 6 man hillbilly jamboree. Passion and love of life is what powers them. It's never about drugs, money, or fancy things. It's about those perfect moments in a dank, poorly lit, cramped basement, a star lit field or a filthy street corner. Those are the moments that will last forever. With no sign of stopping or even breaking pace it is their every intention to sweat, bleed, travel to the point of exhaustion, and do anything it takes to take the music to the people who need it!

Them Damned Young Livers

Them Damned Young Livers Accident'ly came into conception when Ryan and Jody met in summer of 06 and had the bright idea of putting together a cowpunk band. Jody knew Tripp from his days of fronting the long since gone Johnny Switchblade and playing shows with Action Figure. Needless to say Tripp was always mez'merized by Jody's ability to make a dagum fool out of himself behind the Shure 55. So a couple of 5ths of Jaeger and an all to temporary sibling sister drummer was added and formed Young Livers in November 06. This formation played shows around town for about 8 months and even made the venture to Denver and Vegas. Ya see, Vegas 07 is where it got funny. The Livers decided to play a game of roulette and their drummer foolishly rested her hand on the table, touching on red. Well, the ball landed on black and she was lost to the house. So the three fellers loaded up the green machine and made the long 33 hour trip back to KC, cancelling the rest of their shows. Once in KC they realized that partner in crime and bona-fide reverend, Bob Lyons was one hell of a thumper. He was brought on board, we bought a bad ass tour bus, had to change our name due to some fellas in florida with equally good band name taste and the rest is history. Them Damned Young Livers love mixing Jodys' old school, whiskey-bent country with Ryans' Cramps, Misfits era punk Rock. When ya shake in Bobs' Love for metal drumming, Tripps pop polished riffs and general badass'ness, it seems ya get some shit that most folks ain't ever heard before. Hell, we ain't ever heard it before. Anyways TDYL's are here to stay. We're gonna keep gettin loaded. we're gonna keep throwin' beer bottles. We're gonna keep shootin' snot rockets at the pretty girls in the front row. We're gonna keep makin' dad'blamed spectacles of ourselves everytime we get on stage. Get on board or be left out in the drizzlin' rain without a hanky.

"Let the Sin Begin, from local rockers Them Damned Young Livers, is a Pabst-and-ditchweed-scented piece of urban honky-tonk, the four-piece spins popified guitar riffs, punk-rock bass and Hendrix's charismatic sleaze into greaser gold. Think Captain Beefheart putting the Dick in Dixie"
– Berry Anderson/The Pitch

"This Kansas City band is steeped in rockabilly with a serious irreverence and more than enough bad attitude to cruise on, the four-piece kept their set moving and brought a great (albeit somewhat offensive) energy to the stage."
– Ben Mighty/The Speed of

The Blue Boot Heelers

Formed in late '09 The Blue Boot Heelers definitely have their own style of honky tonk making its way to a club near you. Songs about drinkin, fightin, and women are standard for the Heelers. Dane "The Assassin" Talley delivers that classic country twang and sets the stage for Marty Smeller to belt out his in your face, wild-man lyrics. The Blue Boot Heelers just don't play honky tonk, they actually live it.



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