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Erin Pearson

Erin Pearson is a Santa Barbara based singer, songwriter and performer. Her musical style is a cross between Adele, Eva Cassidy and Christy Nockels.

A native of Prior Lake, Minnesota, Erin graduated from Santa Clara University with a BA in vocal performance- emphasis in opera with piano being her secondary musical focus. Though she has studied voice and piano since the age of 5, it was only in her senior year of college she began taking composition lessons and realized for the first time that she had the ability to write songs.

Erin proceeded to let the music pour out of her. During this time she toured around parts of California playing her music at various bars, street fairs and coffee shops as she was working on her first 6 song album Lessons on Love.

Exhausted from the effort poured in from her music projects, in 2008, Erin was burned out and decided to take some time off to regroup. Music had become draining and she was losing that fire for the thing she loved the most- singing. Erin decided to take a full time job in sunny Santa Barbara managing the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Team In Training program and give music a break for a bit, just writing on the side and singing at church.

During this time, Erin has learned a valuable lesson: you can't just stop being who you are. She is once again working fast and hard on the thing she loves, this time with more balance, discipline and a refreshed passion for music.

“These past three years have been a process of writing new material, re-writing old material, finding my essence and learning to have the courage to stand up and be as I truly am. It took me almost hating music to learn how much it's just part of the fiber of my being- just something God blessed me with and created me to for. Singing for me is synonymous to breathing- I can't be without it.” -E

The Agreeables

Local Santa Barbara indie-rockers The Agreeables are on a mission to save the world one melody at a time. Fans have called their music "chillaxin'", "unique", "fun", and "Southern California's answer to Chumbawumba." The band is currently on the playlist at several radio stations, including KUSF, KSDT, AMAZ Radio, BLUR FM, KNHR and KHJM Radio. More info at www.theagreeables.com


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