Sanglorians are modern purveyors of heavy powerpop laced with orchestral instruments, dreamtime poetry, and irrepressible hooks.

Bandleader Daniel Brummel (vox/lead guitar) began studying harmony at age embryo. The native Angeleno later received a degree in composition and toured the world tirelessly as a member of Ozma, Spain, and The Elected before certain mystical synchronicities inspired him to form the mighty Sanglorians in 2010.

The group then set their intention towards constructing their debut album collection, "Initiation," which was mixed by Chris Fudurich (Nada Surf, Grouplove) and released on October 23, 2013.

Brummel's rich melodic songcraft is joyfully executed with technical prowess and sex appeal by the young starlets Morgan Paros (violin/vox) and Ihui Wu (trumpet/keys/vox), and reinforced by the beastly rhythm section of Jonathan Gomez (guitar), Jeremy Keeler (bass), and Matt Mayhall (drums).

Sanglorians' primary influences include Arcade Fire, Metric, Muse, and Weezer (with whom Brummel has written, recorded, and performed).

Go West Young Man

Melody merchant Damin Suarez (ex-the Fictions) has crafted an homage to classic pop that pushes the same buttons as the likes of Elvis Costello, Ben Folds and a host of '60s and '70s hitmakers who used horns and harmonies to sweeten their piano arrangements. Whether guitar- or keyboard-based, Suarez's tunes are as memorable as anything contemporaries such as the 88 or the Little Ones have made, and GWYM's frisky rhythms punctuate the bite in his lyrics. In an era so many artists feel compelled to deconstruct pop to make it interesting, Suarez has built himself a castle.

You would never guess that Ray Venta (vocalst/bassist), Jeremy Harris (vocals/guitar) and Kenzo Cardenas (drummer) hadn't intended to form a band together. Each having grown up in the Valley, their paths met through mutual friends in 2010. What originally was supposed to be Ray's solo album, with guitarist Jeremy and drummer Kenzo as the backing band, morphed into Kid Cadaver after the chemistry during their 2011 garage jam sessions could no longer be denied.

All in their early twenties, the three Los Angeles valley natives see themselves as a fun, energetic band going through the same things as everyone else growing up. They draw inspiration from girls, dread growing older, mask their emotions, and are constantly seeking to maximize their fun. In describing their name, the band simply states "an adult is just a kid cadaver. We grow up and life runs its infinite experiment on us. Things are never returned to their most simple, natural state: childhood."

Kid Cadaver released their debut EP, New Modern, in September 2011 which features the track “L.A. Concrete” and “’New Modern”. Their second EP will be released this summer which will feature the tracks; “Stable” and "Teach You The Tongue" which is about "truly getting to know someone and them truly getting to know you. Letting down the barriers we humans tend to put up."


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