The Secret Society's 5th Anniversary Party!!

Pete Krebs and his Portland Playboys

Rapidly becoming a Portland institution, the Portland Playboys' twice monthly Friday happy hour (2nd and 4th Fridays, 6-8pm, all ages) has been getting rave reviews and putting smiles on the faces of young and old for several years now. A high-octane mixture of classic Western Swing and Honky-tonk, the band's hour and a half long sets are legendary for their top-notch musicianship, acrobatic solos and deep, heartfelt vocals ranging from cry-in-your beer weepers to uptempo rave-ups. Drawing from the classic repertoire of 30's-60's Country Western and Swing, the Portland Playboys feature some of the best instrumentalists 'Our Fair City' has to offer; Ian Miller on lead guitar, Rusty Blake on steel, 'King' Keith Brush on slap bass, James Mason on fiddle, and Portland legend Pete Krebs on vocals and rhythm guitar. If you're craving some old school Western Swing for your drinking, dining and dancing pleasure, you can't go wrong with the Portland Playboys.

The Resolectrics

The Resolectrics at heart are a classic rhythm and blues band. But like the pioneers of rock & roll in the 50's, 60's and 70's, The Resolectrics draw inspiration from many sources in the roots of American music to create an original and soulful blend of rock, r&b, and folk. Their ragged-yet-heartfelt harmonies, bluesy riffs, and swampy grooves are sure to move you. The Resolectrics' electrifying live performances showcase the group's dedication to drummer, John Becher's motto: "Feel is King."

Redray Frazier

[SOUL ROCK] Sitting on a stool, acoustic guitar in hand, Redray Frazier leans in close to the microphone, talking in a tone that would be little more than a whisper without the aid of Imbibe’s sound system: “I’m Redray Frazier,” he says. “Thanks for coming out and supporting local music.” And then Frazier does what he does best—delivers a soulful mix of rock, folk and blues, seamlessly flowing each style together into one unique sound that ignites the spirit.
With the release of his long-awaited solo debut, Follow Me, Frazier has finally immortalized the sound that’s made him one of Portland’s best-kept musical secrets for the better part of five years (ever since he relocated to Portland from NYC). Originally conceived as two individual EPs—one acoustic, the other electronic—Frazier instead opted to release a single disc that showcases the diversity that defines his live shows. Equally adept at performing mellow, spiritual sets with nothing more than an acoustic guitar and singing with the intensity of a gospel-touting revivalist in front of a full band, Frazier’s versatility shines through on Follow Me.
The ease with which he moves between an eclectic mix of styles can best be heard on the two versions of “Knockin’ on Your Door,” one of Frazier’s signature live numbers—and the only song on Follow Me to get both the acoustic and electronic treatment. A frustrated confession of desire, the acoustic version of the song stays close to its sweaty blues roots; Frazier plays his guitar with a furious intensity that recalls Richie Havens at Woodstock. By contrast, the electronic remix opts to frame Frazier’s desperation in a hypnotic, seductive rhythm: Over beats by Keith Schreiner (Auditory Sculpture, Dahlia, Suckapunch), Frazier admits, “When my soul’s in need of it/ It’s me knockin’ on your door.”
Frazier’s musical journey—from his youth spent in popular New York-based hip-hop/soul group Funky Poets to stints with the C+C Music Factory-produced Brat Pack and the critically acclaimed Mosaic—has lasted nearly 20 years and covered a lot of territory. But, with the release of Follow Me, the now-30-something singer-songwriter has truly come into his own. Communicating in a language perfected by such varying influences as Otis Redding, Nina Simone and John Lennon, Frazier possesses the innate ability to cut to the musical chase. Like an old friend standing at your side, hand firmly on your shoulder while whispering in your ear, Frazier’s music speaks clearly to the heart and soul.

Originally Published on May 9th, 2007 Willamette Week

Dr. Theopolis

Created in 2001 by brothers Jules and Ezra Holbrook, Dr. Theopolis grew out a fun party band into monster hit writing machine. The majority of its fans are females; approximately 70%. Besides looking the part of fly 70s pimps, Dr. Theopolis brings along a dancer whom they call "Mr. Fabulous." The sole role of Mr. Fabulous is to get "all fired up," ya dig?



Come celebrate 5 years of good times at The Secret Society with a party of epic proportions! Pete Krebs & his Portland Playboys, The Resolectrics, Redray Frazier, and Dr. Theopolis will keep you on your feet dancing and there will be delicious $5 drink and food specials all night long!! All ages are welcome until 8pm and there is NO COVER for the entire night! No gifts please... 😉

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