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Kolby Wade

Kolby Wade is a New York City based music producer and recording artist with a unique style that unites live drums with triggered loops and electronic beats. Projects include collaborations with Brooklyn based bands - Ladycop, Jasper Rakers and Freak Owls - and Tulsa music producer Mark Kuykendall of The New Honey Shade. Following an intense 6-month tour across the US and three consecutive European tours, Kolby began writing his debut EP. The long anticipated Absorb the Quiet is a blend of vintage analog keyboards, drum machines, live percussion and field recordings from his travels to Egypt and Cambodia. These one-of-a-kind recordings create a natural melody that cannot be manufactured, adding depth and mystery to his work. A harmonious compilation of ambient mood notes, layered breakbeats, and melodic 80's synths, Kolby's debut EP incites an unforgettable journey through sound.


LongArms is a 23 year old NYC based producer/dj from Miami. Influenced by artists such as Justice, Daft Punk, Louis La Roche, Vangaurd, Bloody Beetroots, Grum, Feed Me, SebastiAn, and Boys Noize, LongArms is taking ElectroFunk to the next level.


Manicanparty is an alternative pop group comprised of singer/songwriter Jessica Corazza and producer Patrick Morrissey. Growing up in Minnesota they each found their own path to the arts. Pat did theater work and played in a number of indie bands, while Jess pursued songwriting and the guitar. In 2007 Patrick moved east attending the Hartt School where he studied acting. Jess hung back in Minnesota attending University of Minnesota and writing songs in her spare time but quickly joined Pat in Connecticut. There they began to compose music together creating a new and dynamic partnership. After Pat graduated they moved to Brooklyn, NY finding a home with Treehouse Recording Studios-AtWork Management where they perfected their distinct and fresh sound. Released under RPM MSC/ATWORK their debut single, "Rebels in the Light", caught the attention of both critics and listeners alike with its heavy use of tribal drums and chants, accentuated by Jessica's unique vocal tone. "Rebels in the Light" is the first single off the upcoming Manicanparty EP set to release late this summer.

Max Swan

Max Swan is far from what you would consider an average saxophone player. Through his work with LP Stiles, The Dirk Quinn Band, and dozens of other groups from around the country, a unique position of ability and style has been created, spearheading a movement to permanently alter the image and perception of the saxophone forever.

For the past fifteen years, the young saxophonist has worked his way to earning over two dozen local and nationally recognized soloist and composition accolades, including the "Michael Brecker Saxophone Award", "Rick Lawn Arrangers Award", and the "Collaboration Award" through The University of The Arts. In the past two years alone, the now-25-year-old Saxophone and EWI virtuoso has hit every state and major city in the country... but, wait a minute;

What is an EWI, you might ask? Whelp, simply put, it's an "Electronic Wind Instrument"; imagine the sound of Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jimi Hendrix coming from a breathalyzer... What? Yeah, you gotta see it to believe it.

So here's the equation: World Class Saxophone and EWI ability, plus hip hop production and full-band arrangements that would render your spine jelly, equals Max Swan and his most recent release, "The OGEP". Come nod your head.

With an ear to the street and a heart in the clouds, the spirit of B-Tips is both humble and high-soaring. Known for staying a step ahead of the game, he was producing Moombahton before it was cool and stopped playing dubstep before you even started liking it. Don't even say the word trap.

The Detroit native was once quoted: "My right leg is Hip Hop and my left is House. I was born with Motown in my veins and ate soul and funk for breakfast."



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