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The GLASS HEROES stand as a clear testament to the power and purity of the music that influenced them. Carrying on with a direct force to play unadulterated & undiluted punk. In a music genre that has been all but obliterated by over marketing and trampled on by so many musical crossovers as to be almost unrecognizable. Punk is something taken to heart, and taken very seriously in their music. It was everything to them then & now. Keith, Steve & Stevie have watched what was once a breath of fresh and energized air in 1978 at 15 years old, to becomeing a bastardized version of itself with a sterile unbeating commercial heart. Big money and media overload have destroyed what we held sacred. "Thats why we play our style of punk, street rock,glory rock..whatever you want to call it..because we refuse to recognise groups calling themselves "Punk Rock" with no idea of it's roots. We just keep doing what you do, and reaching people that "get it"thats what matters. I get tired of all the little whining, posing little backstabbers that make up the majority of the so called punk scenes across our country, but in every town theres at least one group that has it right...and its to these bands that the respect is due. Stop being selfish little jealous pricks, and start supporting other groups that might be doing better than your own, you might be surprised!!


For those arguing that rock 'n' roll is truly the devil's music, they might just have the evidence they need in the form of Grave Danger. It's not the band's sound -- which isn't really satanic rock, but actually a powerful melange of surf, punk and rockabilly. Nor is it the songs -- usually sprite instrumentals or tales of drunken and homicidal revenge. It's just that whenever this trio hits the stage, the audience -- composed of normally upstanding citizens and community members -- follows the band down a road of booze-fueled hedonism, excess and good old-fashioned destructive fun.

Led by veteran Arizona wildmen Kevin Daly (Hellfire, Grant & the Geezers) Rich Merriman (Keltic Cowboys, Rumble Cats) and Vince Ramirez (Flathead) the trio has been earning praise, popularity and costly repair bills for performances that have seen band members wreaking havoc, destroying stages and shaving their heads onstage (among other things which, for legal reasons, we can't mention here). Taking their cues from well-imbibed showstoppers (Janis Joplin, George Jones, Foster Brooks), a Grave Danger concert makes folks forget God, good manners and city ordinances, leaving most venues drowning in a post-show ocean of blood, sweat and broken bottles.

Now Grave Danger is bringing that sense of unbridled mayhem to its self-titled debut, produced by Daly and Jeff Farias and released as part of a joint venture between Rustic Records and Truxton label head Dave Ramsey. This 11 song platter finds the group mixing a fiery set of instrumentals with cleverly written odes to drinking, love, loss, drinking, hatred, drinking and murder...oh yeah, and drinking.

The group will be leaving its desert breeding ground soon and heading on tour in an effort to spread its unholy gospel across the country, with a plan for global domination by 2001.

One listen to this disc and you'll agree that the group's sound truly splits the difference between Link Wray and Anton LeVay. Forget the old bit about a rock 'n' roll heaven. If there's a rock 'n' roll hell, Grave Danger's gonna be the house band.


We are The Sex from Tempe, Arizona. Our friends, family and the city we live in are the main influences of our music. In 2008, we started to play our first shows, some of which were with The Joneses, Vice Squad, Lower Class Brats etc. 2009 we put out an EP with 7 songs. 2010-2012 we had a brief hiatus when Casey(spaz) moved to Chicago. In 2012 we got back together when Casey moved back to Tempe. Its been a rough 2nd start but things only get better. Summer of 2013 we will have a new LP on vinyl, iTunes and Bandcamp. Here is our links to all of our pages.

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