Levitation Room, Blackbeat Braves, Vision, LA Witch

Levitation Room

It just happened. Kind of like how humans crawled out of the slime and came into existence.

Sun-dried roots, psych rock.

Blackbeat Braves

Started with a jam then got serious.

having just released their self titled EP on Burger Records, they have been regarded as one of the hottest live acts in the LA music scene, awkwardsound.com states," East L.A.'s VISION are firing off the first promising heat rays of the seasons to come, hot on the heels of their self-titled debut... An "intense" onslaught of skydiving rock 'n roll that curbs around the city's unsanitary post-punk grime, the Jesus and Mary Chain's shoegaze shock and the fashionably bad ass sensibilities of the Brian Jonestown Massacre's psychedelic pastiche. When Valer's howl begins kicking ass without bothering to ask for the names on tracks like "You Should Know," it's unadulterated ballsy rock the four sound dangerously confident in owning. To date, the band has opened for the likes of fellow Cali guitar shredder Ty Segall and felt the rippling effects of Burger notoriety by taking part at the label's SXSW party."

LA Witch

If Los Angeles were anything like Salem, Massachusetts during its 17th century witch trials, this all-girl four-piece would be burnt at the stake for their craft. Instead, the eerie melodies of California natives L.A. WITCH haunt the City of Angels from stage to stage, with their blend of alluring vocals, twangy guitars and heavy drums accented by ethereal harp notes and ominous organ lines. The witches' live performances bring forth a dark and moody ambience that is not to be missed. In a land of endless acts, these girls have shown tremendous dedication to their craft, setting the stage for a new breed of haunting heroines.



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