Another Dead Clown, Roger Street Friedman

Another Dead Clown

The “band” started as a joke between childhood friends, a pseudonym
for the latest song or stupid idea. Later, Another Dead Clown became
the “band” responsible for college recordings and open-mic
appearances, as well as more songs and stupid ideas (now frequently
involving alcohol). Soon, there was a backlog of songs and stupid
ideas, and a deep roster of “band members” that had played along the
way. So we started to play as often as possible.

We interrupted Holiday parties with Curtis Mayfield sound-a-likes
(“Santa Got Robbed”), recorded demos in the backseat of our friends
cars (thanks Kevin), freestyle battled about Star Wars during playoff
games (e.g. “I grew up on Tatooine, I used to find droids with
Kenobi”), forced our friends to record on instruments they’d never
played (sorry Mike, Joe, Zach and Aaron), and made houseguests
improvise verses on Irish Dirges (sorry Meghan, Mike, Morgan, Denise,
and Kevin). Every show began with the announcement (read: warning)
that “we are Another Dead Clown, and so are you, so if you don’t like
the way something sounds come on up and fix it.”

Eventually (after nearly losing primary songwriter and founding member
Chris O’Keeffe in the French Pyrenees), the “band” became a band and
we started recruiting more friends, family, and innocent bystanders to
take part. The regular lineup is now Chris O’Keeffe, Gerad O’Shea,
Meagan Brus, and Ian Deming, but our all-inclusive attitude remains.
We gave up the pre-show warning (after being nearly derailed a few
times) but if you come to a show there’s a 60% chance you’ll end up
with a harmonica, ukelele, megaphone, or drum stick in your hand.

The point of all of this, is that you are Another Dead Clown as much
as we are, so come play with us…forever, and ever, and ever.

Roger Street Friedman

Roger Street Friedman is a Brooklyn, NY based singer, songwriter and producer. He performed in and around New York City from 1986-1994. After a long hiatus, he is currently writing new material and working with his band on a CD that is slated for release in early 2012. His music is an eclectic mix of folk and pop inspired ballads, R&B, and rock.

In other exciting news he is also working on the construction of a new recording studio, “The Brooklyn Playroom,” that will feature professionally designed rooms, high-end analog and digital gear as well as a collection of vintage Neumann, Sony and other classic microphones. It will also showcase a heavily modified Soundtracs console that has beaten out a mint condition, vintage NEVE 8068 console in blind listening tests with some of the area’s top producers and engineers!

Roger was born into a musical and music-loving family. His earliest memories are of his father blasting classical music and Jazz on the family stereo and his two older brothers singing and playing folk and blues in the living room.

Evan McCulloch

My first big decision as a young adult was to move from California to New York City with nothing more than an old suit case and a guitar. Making my way through this urban jungle has been the adventure of my life.

Music, for me, is a family tradition. Watching my parents perform, I was fascinated by the artistry and focus music required. Having studied guitar from age seven, I felt it was important to continue my education and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from SUNY Purchase. I now work on song production, perform live, and enjoy teaching students of all ages, including special education classes.

When writing or producing a song, I strive to create a mood for the imagination. A song should be a mental journey, taking the listener on their own individual trip. I am influenced most by artists like, Neil Young, Stevie Wonder, and Fleet Foxes, as well as producers Kanye West and Timbaland. I am adept in a variety of musical genres, including rock, jazz, hip hop, flamenco and classical.

After ten years of producing and performing throughout New York, I have secured a song placement with the major label Sony/EMI and have recently landed a publishing deal with the Royalty Network. I now continue to write new songs for my live show and perform through out the city.

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