The Sky Captains of Industry (residency), Trails To Town, Manic Planet

The Sky Captains of Industry (residency)

The Sky Captains of Industry came from the future to inform you about the upcoming apocalypse and/or to rock it to rubble. Formed in late 2010 by vocalist, guitarist, and chief robot wrangler E.W. Harris and bassist, basest, vocalist, and stuntman Don Paris Schlotman and sometimes joined by Phil Harris, Lindsay Dragan, Casey Black, and/or the mysterious RattMouth, The Sky Captains of Industry are here to give you folktronic rock and roll from the future. Are they men? Are they machines?

Trails To Town

Trails To Town is a five piece rock jam band from New York founded on original songs rooted in the tradition of great songwriting with creative lyrics, sweet vocal harmonies, energetic jams and varied influences from rock & folk, to New Orleans funk, reggae, world beat, and psychedelia. Many shades and many sides.

Manic Planet

It was in the dank, sun-littered bed of the funky neon forest that the
creatures of Manic Planet were raised, taught to respect the Soul, the
Vibe and the Cool above all else. On that fateful day, the Freakness
descended from the cosmos, through the leafy canopy, and delivered a
message that would rattle the very foundation of all that inhabited
that world. We are but the missionaries of the Freakness, delivering
that same message in the universal language to bring peace, harmony,
and unity to all other planets.
Hear us.

Open mic/songwriter workshop


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