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The Sky Captains of Industry (residency)

The Sky Captains of Industry came from the future to inform you about the upcoming apocalypse and/or to rock it to rubble. Formed in late 2010 by vocalist, guitarist, and chief robot wrangler E.W. Harris and bassist, basest, vocalist, and stuntman Don Paris Schlotman and sometimes joined by Phil Harris, Lindsay Dragan, Casey Black, and/or the mysterious RattMouth, The Sky Captains of Industry are here to give you folktronic rock and roll from the future. Are they men? Are they machines?

Nik Lone

Nik Lone is an Australian singer/composer based in New York City.

His musical life began with the duo, Ethan Frome, which worked the small acoustic stages of his home town, Melbourne. Over the next few years, the duo expanded and took on the new name ‘Goodnight Thomas’. It was with this band that the obscure a capella compositions of his teens evolved into the more ‘Nik Lone’ sound that would appear on his recordings. An EP release (‘Close’) soon followed.

After this release, some radio play and a few festival appearances saw the music taken to larger audiences and eventually, a solo tour of the USA was embarked upon. Hiring musicians along the way and using a line-up that detoured from the traditional band set-up, Nik was inspired to head in a different musical direction when he returned home.

The next few years would see Nik penning and recording his first solo long-player ‘These Pictures Won’t Tell You’, melancholic collection of piano, string and synth based music. Finding himself in the studios of Sydney and Melbourne with renowned engineers Tim Whitten (Powderfinger, Augie March) and Hadyn Buxton (Trial Kennedy), the album was released in late 2011.

Appealing to a few independent film makers in Australia, Germany and the USA, it would be these songs which led Nik into his first film composition projects and the decision to relocate to New York City.

Now living in the big apple, Nik is working on a new EP of more up-tempo, rhythmically driven songs, in addition to a few songwriting projects for independent film and television.

Jesse Cooper Levy

Loud mouth long hair Jesse Cooper Levy has tried oh so very hard to write the most entertaining songs he could without ever setting foot into the heartless, godless land of comedy rock. Born and raised in Cultural Black Hole, New Jersey, he was never made to go to synagogue, or stand during the pledge of allegiance. Instead, he had every line of Blood on the Tracks drilled into his head, and was told plainly that whomever he married had to breast feed and dig Tom Waits.
Jesse used to put an alarming amount of effort into trying to express himself accurately and honestly on stage. He found this exceedingly stifling, and so learned to illustrate his ideas through various monologues. Instead of creating clearly defined characters, like Sascha Fierce and all those subsets of Nikki Minaj that know ones cared to learn the names of, Jesse would rather play in the gray space between self and other. His lyrics offer insights into egoists of all kinds, striving for truth and failing miserably. This is all in the realm of Jesse's ideas, which he's almost positive are wrong. His solace is in the fact that he's making music, which cuts through the layers of relative meaning to raw experience. You don't have to be Coltrane to do that.
Jesse has won the ’09 Diesel U:Music Performer of Year Award, as a songwriting member of “The Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt!” He has toured internationally, playing festivals along side Vampire Weekend, NIN, and Beyoncé. Yeah, Beyoncé ... What?

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