Primary Colors, Space Brain (CD RELEASE)


Sludge, Doom, Metal, Depression

Dissident Aggressor

After rising to fame with the hit "Throbbing Rod", Dissident Aggressor got caught up on the roller coaster of fame. After John Farran was convicted of manslaughter for exploding a man's head with a 20 foot speaker and sentenced to 12 years in prison 2005, the band seemed to be over. But Satan would not allow it. He chose now to be the time for the antichrist to rise and save Dissident Aggressor. ...A charismatic politician was the perfect cover, and Satan's son easily won the presidency. Barack Obama's first official act as president was to pardon John, and with many years in prison as inspiration, John had a plethora of explosively brutal songs. With Taylor Leamy's depressingly pathetic life to draw from, he too was easily able to write lyrics for songs. But Jake Ettison's old life as a pirate was still haunting him, and he sank deeper into the lifestyle of flying blimps and hanging out with Charlie Sheen. It was a very dark time for the drummer of Dissident Aggressor. But from the ashes, rose a phoenix. While on one of his week long coke binge/blimp flights (Jake was known to stay in the air for up to a week at a time with nothing but cocaine and drums wearing only a loincloth), he began writing drum tracks to the songs that were written. The completed songs sounded so good that Jake was cured of his cocaine addiction. After being put on the cover of Time magazine for finding a cure for drug addiction, Dissident Aggressor released their album Agonizing Demise on their own, simply burning copies of it on blank cd r's. Rolling Stone calls it 'so innovative' and 'the most creative thing since putting parental advisory labels as the cover of your album to look explicit'. They were 'tired of dealing with the record companies and everyone loving you and having such big dicks.' So today Dissident Aggressor is getting back to it's roots, only choosing to play in smaller venues instead of the stadiums they could still easily fill. "Who knows what's in store for Dissident Aggressor next?", John said in an interview recently. "I just know that after we recieved the award for being the best band ever, I realized that kicking ass all of the time isn't everything.. You have to fuck bitches sometimes too, ya know?"

$3.00 at the door

This is THE bash to be at! 5 of the best Orlando Metal acts performing to celebrate the One Year anniversary of Orlando's PREMIER metal/punk night, Tuesday Night Juggernaut. Brought to you by Juggernaut Promotions, Primary colors will be performing as well as Space Brain celebrating their CD release party. There may be some Pro Wrestling shenanigans against their rival band, American Party Machine with possible interference by Demons. Dissident Aggressor will get the party started. This is also a themed night. We encourage you to dress up like your favorite Pro Wrestler and party hard with us. As always, Tuesday Night Juggernaut is about the party and the specials: 2-4-$6 Pabst Blue Ribbon Tall Boy Cans $1.50 Well Whiskey/Vodka 10 pm - 11 pm + an additional 50¢ every hour thereafter.

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