Burning Fair Verona

Burning Fair Verona

"In fair Verona, where we lay our scene..."

...so begins the prologue of a famous William Shakespeare play. This line can also be used to explain the history and mission of Burning Fair Verona, a Tampa Bay-based melodic deathcore band that is rising from the ashes of a once-thriving extreme music scene, and whose own prologue took place in 2009.

Over the course of two years, Burning Fair Verona have established themselves as a force in the Tampa Bay metal scene, constantly evolving their sound, lineup and live presentation. The quintet unapologetically ignore the trends popularized by the image-obsessed "scene" bands, merging ethereal melodies with epic metal riffs and devastating, razor-sharp breakdowns. This approach has earned the band a dedicated fanbase that is inspired not only by the power of the music, but the honesty with which it is forged. With a list of influences that span two decades and the sub-genres of groove, thrash, melodeath, djent and metalcore, there is virtually no territory on metal's vast sonic landscape that BFV is afraid to explore. The varied roster of acts that the group has shared the stage with, and their debut EP, DYNASTY, are testaments to their versatility.

Although proud of their latest release, the group's members are already writing new material that will once again further their musical vision. BFV's path for the future has been set: to continue exhilarating their fans with crushing live sets, to bring their music beyond Tampa Bay to the masses, and to be one of the new hopes in a decayed scene.

$3.00 at the door

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