Levitation Room, The Vivids, Persona

Levitation Room

It just happened. Kind of like how humans crawled out of the slime and came into existence.

Sun-dried roots, psych rock.

The Vivids, composed of lead singer/guitarist Sim Jackson, live aspects Jonny Yela (bass) and Gustov Mentzer (drums) formed in Long Beach, California ("...this drugged up beach side town," as Jackson sings in "Here Comes the Chain" from their first E.P.) in 2010. They play with an energy and focus that recall post-/art-punk touchstones like A Certiain Ratio, The Names, Wall of Voodoo, Gun Club or
Devo and the Talking Heads at their edgiest, while flirting with psychedelic guitar leads and the occasional surf warble.

Imagine Martin Hannett producing the Ventures or the deepest cuts from Factory Records poured through a filter of shoegaze and hard-luck street punk. This is not the sunshiny day music of coastal contemporaries Best Coast or Wavves; it's music that floats through dingy, smoky beach flat apartments and simultaneously unnerves as it soothes, the washes of guitar grounded by the metronomic rhythm section, coming on like the very beginning of a particularly intense trip as your stomach churns a bit in anticipation of an unknown soon to be revealed and leaving with the low menace of the rumbling ocean outside as you try to fall asleep on a pile of sheets on the floor.

This is music every bit as intense and powerful as the band's name would indicate. For more information, visit soundcloud.com/thevivids or thevivids.bandcamp.com or write the band at thevividsla@gmail.com

--- Tom Child (LA Record)

Persona is a four-piece band formed in the suburbs of Los Angeles during the fall of 2012, consisting of members of La Ghost and Enochian Keys. Quickly finding their footing the band began playing shows around Los Angeles last fall and have managed to stir up plenty of interest. Live their sound recalls their influences of bands from: Rough Trade 4AD, Dischord and SST. Recently they just finished recording a 3 song 7". Expect release from Persona in the Spring of 2013.



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