Luc & the Lovingtons

Luc & the Lovingtons is a World-Soul-Reggae band based out of Seattle Washington, known for their raucous live shows as well as their authentic and powerful message. With songs that cut to the core in the likes of artists such as Bob Marley, Stevie Wonder and India Arie, The Lovingtons come with a sincerity and class, that leave all listeners touched with an undeniable feel-good-ness. Rich vocal harmonies embedded in a jambalaya of Roots Reggae, Afro Pop, Motown and Soul this is truly an inspiring and refreshing group not to miss!

“..One of my new favorite groups, I think they’re one of the most heart-centered bands out there today” –Jason Mraz

Yonat and Her Muse

Yonat Mayer is a refreshing voice in today's Bay Area independent music scene. Her music is at once soul stirring and soulful. It is a perfect blend of a mature, introspective Carole King and a sassy, young Adele. Raised by two deeply spiritual parents, with her father also being a skilled blues and jazz guitarist, Yonat's first musical influences made strong impressions on her young spirit. Embracing meditation and yoga in her late teens, she effortlessly brings self-awareness to her lyrics and soulful melodies. Her poise and joy in any musical setting are remarkable as she is just as comfortable performing solo with a loop-pedal sitting on the floor of a yoga studio as she is fronting a 6 piece-band at a night club. She has shared the stage with artists such as the British 50s throwback family band Kitty, Daisy & Lewis, post rock musician, Fink and pop Israeli icon David Broza, and performed around the world in Haiti, India, and Israel while holding down a residency as a Yoga Tree in-house musician. Her message to "mind your muse, tend your tribe" is a call to each person in the audience to listen to their own inner voice and support each other through all aspects of the human condition. Yonat is a mesmerizing talent whose music paints the narrative of a guide and inspiration to those who listen deeply. But even those who don't hear the words, will certainly feel the groove. She is close to releasing a new EP produced by the Bay Area's Jordan Feinstein and Robin Applewood.

Zac Brown (SF Bay Area Solo Artist)

$7.00 - $9.00


Advanced Tickets are available online until 5pm on the day of the show and a reserve of tickets are generally available at the door that night, unless posted on the Starry Plough website, Facebook and Twitter pages as sold out.

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