Columboid, White Violet


Reaching further into a world washed over by movements of weirdness.

White Violet

White Violet is four young men from Athens, GA. Their names are Vaughan Lamb, Brad Morgan, Lemuel Hayes and Nate Nelson. Their debut album for Normaltown Records is named Hiding, Mingling. Nelson has been writing songs for ten years and already has releases out there under his own name. Everything on Hiding, Mingling originated as "Nate Nelson" songs.

Needle Points

An experiment in street level boogie. Their energy on both stage and tape...will mystify your body, tickle your fancy, and breathe sweet breath into your chakra. Hailing from Philadelphia, they are a far out expression in stripped down magic. With jangly riffs, tribal beats, and fuzzy tones. They are Needle Points.

Lunar Revolt

Residing beyond the oort cloud... L.U.N.A.R. Revolt
is currently stationed in philadelphia, sector G.
NØ-Man Records will be releasing a debut LP in april '12,
just prior to the inevitable oblivion.



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