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A Yonkers MC who debuted with home-town friends, the Lox, on a DJ Clue mix-tape, DMX hit the big time in 1998 when his single "Get at Me Dog" which became a club and radio smash. He instantly became known for his trademark growling and barking, that appears on almost all the tracks that he records. According to popular belief, this arises from DMX's love of dogs. He has multiple tattoos that are based on his relationship with them. He is said to believe that dogs can be a man's only loyal friends. An interesting fact is DMX received a tattoo in remembrance of one of his dogs that died after being run over by a motorist. In a music industry that often specializes in manufactured stars – neatly wrapped packages that look the right way and do and say all the right things – it is a rare event to witness the emergence of a true artist. DMX, rap's ruffestryder, is of this rare breed of artists. He has held the hip hop world spellbound with his raw, unbridled energy, unyielding passion and lyrics of fury since his explosive arrival in 1998, the year that was unquestionably the year of the dog.

After stand-out performances on tracks like: LL COOL J "4,3,2,1". The Lox's "Money, Power, Respect" and Mase's "24 Hours to Live, DMX got the worlds attention with his own, bonified street anthem "Get At Me Dog". He released his groundbreaking first effort "Its Dark And Hell is Hot" featuring the intoxicating, gritty joints "Stop Being Greedy" and "Ruff Ryders Anthen" which debuted at # 1 and quickly went multi-platinum. That summer after a headlining stint on the Survival of the Illest Tour, DMX retreated to the studio again… In December that year he released the classis Horror Film On Wax .. Flesh of My Flesh,Blood of My Blood, " Flesh," which included the Poignant, autobiographical song "Slipping" and released 6 months later after its predecessor, also held the Top spot on the charts making DMX the 1st artist to ever have two number one debuts in the same year..

After spending the 1st part of 1999 on tour with fellow Def Jam artist Jay-Z, Redman and Method Man on the most successful hip hop tour ever.. "HARD KNOCK LIFE TOUR"
DMX took off for the heat of Miami to work on his next offering. Then there was X in True DMX style…
Then there was X served up yet another feast of driving beats, ferocious rhymes flow and tales from the dark side.

DMX sums up his formula of success by saying , "I'm Real" And people like real… I haven't crossed them yet I haven't been on no fake shit yet, nor bullshit yet….they feel my shit…people like a real person ! Then Smiles…


Chase Allen

Chase Allen, Leader of the New School, is re-introducing a generation to the purity of hip-hop. A Philadelphia native, Allen captures the raw, gritty sound of the city but with soulful lyrics that evoke emotion. Growing up in an era that included the likes of artists such as Jay-Z, Wu-Tang Clan, Tupac, and Biggie, Allen knew he wanted to be an artist at the age of 13. “You can’t lead without following first,” Allen makes it clear, but the newcomer is off to a running start. Powerhouse producer/musician Steve McKie co-produced Allen’s mixtape Follow the Leader Vol. 1 which he released in the summer of 2010. Allen’s music is the epitome of pure emotion and real life experiences that move crowds everywhere. Allen performed at the Philadelphia Film and Music Festival and rocked with a live band at the Welcome America 4th of July Celebration on the Parkway which featured The Roots. With music that is honest, clever, and from the heart, Allen sets out to inspire others to follow their dreams as he does, every time he steps behind a mic.

Tiani Victoria

I-Know Brasco

DJ Aktive

As long as he can remember, music has always been a major part of his life. He noticed how much music meant to so many people and how adding it to any environment could change the its emotions with just the drop of a needle on a record! While listening to any song, he began to think of what would be the perfect follow-up track to keep a party moving. His scientific way of interpreting music and atmosphere helped him as he honed his skills in blending, beat juggling, and mixing songs. Add in his UNBELIEVABLE scratching ability and you quickly see how he became DJAKTIVE!

AKTIVE began spinning at neighborhood basement parties and parks in his hometown of Philadelphia,PA before he even made it to high school! He became known for his showmanship and lightning quick hand speed, hence the moniker he carries today. After winning DJ battles against some of the top competitors in the nation, radio stations and big-time promoters began tapping him for his service. This led to him becoming a house hold name in the area.

After rocking every gig thrown his way, DJAKTIVE hooked up with Def Soul recording artist,Musiq. He brought his unique style and learned to blend with band members during live performances. He has since toured the world over with various artists and has played nightclubs, parties, and events for some of the most diverse crowds. He is currently the official DJ for Grammy award-winning artist/producer,Kanye’ West.

The DJ has always been an important element in hip hop culture. With that in mind, DJ AKTIVE is ready to show the world his unique style of “turntabilism”. The mission is to re introduce the world to the importance of skill behind the turntables. The“Aktive Experience”will undoubtedly leave an im pression on allthatexperience his set. When ANYONE sees his name on ANY bill,they will know they’ re getting the opportunity to be a partof something special!



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