A Celebration Of New Music

The Fabulous FunkyBand

The Fabulous FunkyBand headline this show in celebration of their magnificent Rock/Blues/Funk/Folk-flavored album “Expose Your Self” and the start of what shall be an active 2014 for the band that is comprised of veteran musicians who are longtime friends with shared bloodlines in the mix. The Fabulous FunkyBand is Garrick Davis(guitar, vocals), Grant ‘Slam’ Walthall(drums), Zachary Davis(piano, vocals) and AJ Joyce(bass, vocals). The FunkyBand will be augmented with guest musicians for this special show with Dale E Chung - percussion, Steven Sofranko - organ and "Cello Joe"Chang on cello that will serve to take this music to its highest heights. Think Jimi Hendrix, The E Street Band, The Dave Matthews Band creating a joyous, funky musical stew with the main ingredients being great songs that are spiced with passion and instrumental virtuosity served smokin' hot!

Having toured and performed internationally the majority of his career as a soloist, Garrick cites an African proverb as a clear source for the new found energy and emphasis on full band work: says Davis “If you want to fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together!” “I find myself extremely lucky to have a band with friends and my own son, all of whom I love and respect, to experience what I hope will be a productive, creative run with more albums to come.” (www.garrickdavis.com)

The Coffis Brothers & the Mountain Men

We are brothers. One of whom strums on a guitar, blows on a harmonica and sings, the other also sings, while at the same time banging the living hell out of a keyboard. The former, and younger is Kellen. The latter and the older (if by age only) is Jamie. We met when Kellen was born in 1989 and the years that followed that were unremarkable really, until we started writing some songs down and singing them into micorphones. We are from a small town called Ben Lomond located in the Santa Cruz Mountains. If you ever visit the area, you'll know why we're in such a good mood.

Occasionally, when we're lucky, we are joined on stage by Kyle Poppen (Lead guitar), Mason Hutchinson(Bass) and Henry Chadwick (Drums). We have started calling them "The Mountain Men," and they are fantastic, let me tell you.

When we aren't busy writing love songs, you might find us playing some basketball, listening to some Tom Petty, or enjoying the night life of Santa Cruz and it's surrounding cities. Oh by the way, Kellen plays division 2 soccer at Notre Dame De Namur University in Belmont CA. (What can't he do?) Thanks for stopping by our page.

Tribal Suns

Tribal Suns is an psychedelic-indie folk-rock band that hails from the depths of Redwood City, California. They have banded together to create a cosmic fusion of musical variety for all to enjoy. They pull their influence from styles including: rock, blues, folk, funk, latin, reggae indie and electronic. They hope to expand and continue their musical crusade across the land for years to come...

$20 adv / $ 22 day of show


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