Special Powers:

This nimble giant-on-the-mic, quick to incite crowds of all provenance and proportion with his ridiculous repertoire of brain-stinging metaphors, soul-rousing rhymes and lightning litanies of truth, is in the habit of leaving crowds reeling from the feeling of being born again for a reason. His freestyles are legendary; his ability to adapt to any tempo or track, unmatched; his integrity, undisputed. Spitting flows of inconceivable lightness in his natural state of anything but obvious, BluRum’s rhymes are the verbal version of absinthe. One shot to noddingham, two to neversurrenderland, three to be forever moved.

I Am The Third

Alec Stephens III is what a cross between Bob Marley, Cat Stevens, and Marvin Gaye might sound like. Brooklyn Alternative Rock with a throwback to Motown, backwoods soul, roots and jazz. He would describe his genre as "Dream Rock", music to vibe to while pursuing your dreams. His self titled debut EP, "I AM THE THIRD," is set for release in 2011.

Gone Quite Mad

Gone Quite Mad is a progressive blues rock band based in Brooklyn. With a core that formed in Virginia, GQM relocated to NYC in 2011 and has been performing at notable venues such as Mercury Lounge, Joe's Pub and Webster Hall. Their new album "Star Ride" was released 12/2/14.


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