Peck The Town Crier

Peck The Town Crier

PECK THE TOWN CRIER is a multi-instrumentalist Song-Rap raconteur. He has been featured on, the Wall Street, KQED and a growing raft of rags.
Peck's 10 albums have fetched comparisons to George Clinton, Frank Zappa, Beck, and Jonathan Richman. On stage and in the studio, he has worked with MC Lars, the Naked Hearts, the Jazz Mafia and others.

"Home Phone / Ghost of Payphone" is Peck's latest album, which was funded by a Kickstarter campaign last fall. Home again in Fairfax CA, after a summer tour of the Pacific Northwest, Peck has just released a video for KALIMBA, his latest single.

Fox and Woman

Despite the fact that there are only 4 members to Fox & Woman, they seem to extend beyond their corporal borders, and produce a sound more reminiscent of a 15-20 person ensemble. Their inventive & bold orchestration, combined with their poetically penned Tragedy & Revelry, is sung exquisitely in both English & Portuguese. Through bilingual lyric & music they conjure within the ear a symphonic mar...riage, between worlds far too familiar, and pleasingly yet unexplored. The collaborative brilliance of the original three members (Jess, Emily, & Andrew), augmented and further defined, by the more recently acquired Will Boast, creates a blend, that's not only deliriously eclectic, but remarkably consistent, in growth & execution.

We Are the Men

30 miles away from the foggy hills of San Francisco lies a town called Rohnert Park. Unknown to many, this town would play host to the formation of the musical phenomenon simply dubbed ‘We Are The Men’. The pieces to this intricate puzzle included the energetic percussionist, Danny Kendrick, along side the six stringed savant Alex Rather-Taylor and equally talented but less domestic Marius Atherton. The final component of the quartet would be founded in the rhythmic soul of Paul Hanna.
Unified by destiny, these four songwriters put there masterminds together in their quest for a genre of their own. Dissecting the sounds of 60s Surf Rock, 90s New Wave, and infiltrating the San Francisco Garage Rock scenes from which they came. ‘We Are The Men’ have developed a surprising and energetic musical Identity which seduced the bustling bay area. The combination of their powerful riffs, mesmerizing melodies, nasty noises and psychedelic ambiance creates a unique sound heard only from their stage
Once across the Golden Gate Bridge, ‘We Are The Men’ found themselves immersed in an equally ambitious and artistic community. Playing along side solidified local bands while collaborating with artists of canvas and camera. ‘We Are The Men’ continue to further their vision, and the journey has only just begun; With a European Tour on the horizon, ‘We Are The Men’ is ready to promote their newly recorded LP, party hard, and bring their San Franciscan sound to the Shungen Space



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