Steddy P

Sharing stages with some of the best live hip hop acts in the business has definitely helped Steddy P & DJ Mahf gain exposure in one of the toughest US regions. Now after relentless touring for 3 years and a slew of one off events, mixtapes, mixes, and albums, the two are prepped for major US tours, broader spotlight, and the next big step to advance the culture.

Steddy P & DJ Mahf add to the hot bed of talent that call Missouri home. Sitting on the verge of being one of the next great duos to make an impact on Hip Hop, the duo also consistently host monthly events and touring guests catering to traveling Hip Hop live from the Middle of the Map, USA.

Steddy P and DJ Mahf have joined tours and opened stages for Snoop Dogg, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Talib Kweli, Slaughterhouse, Tech N9ne,
Raekwon of Wu Tang Clan, Brother Ali, MURS, P.O.S, Doomtree, Cool Kids, Mac Lethal, Blueprint, Prof, CES Cru and more!

High Features

In 2009 a group of BROTHERS starting a hip hop group known as Denver City Movement (D.C.M). Mastermind, D.C., and C-Lew came together to freestyle over random instrumentals and make music just for fun. As skills progressed the group decided to take a different approach and change their name in 2010 to "The Jet Son's" after being highly influenced by the cartoon series "The Jet Son's" as children. This name stood with the group most of 2010 and into 2011. After about 9 months of music absence from "The Jet Son's" due to living arrangements and long distance complications, "The Jets Son's" decided to take another shot trying to make music and completely changed their approach and direction for yet a second time and finally formed the group you see today - High Features - in 2012. the group who originally consisted of D.C., C-Lew, and Mastermind had opened up their doors for two more members A.W. and Daniel Carrillo. This team of M.C's with their D.J./Producer are working hard to be that extra something Denver, Colorado has needed to help show their is quality hip hop out here. Lets Go C.O. this is "High Features" and "High Features" is FAMILY!!!

Extra Kool & The Monster Men

super sexy with semi sweet raps. what more do you want? a member of the dirty laboratory. and one half of many side projects, such as "the grimies"(ek and time) "teem geezus"(ek and awareness) "optik fusion embrace"(ek and satyr) and "the creature from the whack lagoon"(ek and doctype)


S.T.O.I.C. (Spit Truth Over Intricate Creations)
The definition of hip hop. Adrenaline pumping beats mixed with clever and witty lyrics presents an unprecedented sound. Based out of Denver, CO, The Antagonist and MainEvent combine to form the hip hop group S.T.O.I.C. Influenced by east coast hip hop of the mid 1990's. This talented tandem formed in the late 1990's but have become serious about recording and performing in the last 5 years. Their energetic and non-stop live show is something to behold. Their 45 to 60 minute set flows seamlessly from track to track without stopping. Their first CD, "A Gathering of the Masses" was an underground success. This CD gave fans a glimpse of what was to come from the duo. Their highly anticipated 2nd CD, "The Fate of the Great 13" is sure to give hip hop heads everywhere something to bob their head to. MainEvent works his magic yet again…

Austie Frostie

Austie Frostie's music spawns from minute cases of ADHD, OCD, a lack of respect, and a knack for being better at things than most. Leaving fans hyped, enlightened, and soaked in sweat, whether it's theirs' or his isn't important, Austie Frostie is a show to remember and a CD you want to take home and share with your friends.

6 O' Clock w/ Subculture Icons

Six O'clock is a hip hop artist born in Portland Oregon and raised in Aurora Colorado. He is the founding member of Insomniaks, Talk Sick Records, and most recently Subculture Icons.

Six O'clock has not only established himself as a well respected underground MC, he has also become a quality beat maker and studio engineer. Producing for several CO based artists when he is not working on his own material.

Currently with 4 albums and 6 mixtapes under his belt as a solo artist; not to mention the numerous group releases, features, and side projects he continues to deliver solid bodies of work year in and year out.

Collaborating and sharing the stage with countless artists from the Mile High City. Six has also shared the stage with some legends in the industry such as GZA, Slick Rick, Sadat X, Sunspot Jonz, Nappy Roots, and 2 Live Crew just to name a few.
Six has toured, travelled, and promoted his music for years and with a high energy live show and committed fan base he has no plans of stopping his grind. Stay tuned for his latest release...Night Shiftin 2: Live Life Where The Sky Ends...4/26/13...

$5.00 - $8.00


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