Ed Rush & Optical (Virus Recordings UK)

Ed Rush & Optical (Virus Recordings, UK)

Virus Recordings founded by Ed Rush & Optical is one of the world's best loved Drum and Bass record labels and has released genre defining music since 1998 https://www.facebook.com/deejayoptical https://www.facebook.com/edrushofficial
The label that started neuro-funk. This is the baddest, darkest music that pushes the boundaries of d&b when other labels are to scared to go. Virus has released genre defining music since 1998 and has an artist list of the best producers ever to grace the bass music scene.

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Ed Rush (Virus Recording)

There aren’t many artists who can claim to have changed the face of a genre of music, let alone to have changed that face more than once. Ed Rush, however, is an exception to that rule. Ever since his first production outings alongside his neighbour (and infamous owner of No U Turn Records), Nico Sykes, Ed Rush has consistently proven he has the ideas and attitude to transform drum & bass and is never afraid to push that infamous envelope.

Moving through the sounds of hip hop and electro in his early musical years, like many of his peers Ed Rush became fascinated with the burgeoning rave scene that was blowing up his hometown of London. The breakneck speed chopped breakbeats and piles of sub-low bass appealed greatly, and it wasn’t long before Ed Rush had convinced Nico to work on some tracks with him. The first result of their production partnership, of course, being the immense ‘Bludclot Artattack’, an out-and-out darkside jungle classic which marked a new era in hardcore, pushing the music into the realms of what we now know as drum & bass.

Hooking up with another legend of the drum & bass fraternity, DJ Trace, Ed Rush began to hone his style and it wasn’t long before a fresh sound reared its ugly head. Blasting out of the Ed Rush studio setup like a breakbeat bullet, ‘The Mutant’ became another classic track and was swiftly followed by ‘Guncheck’, an instantly recognisable Ed Rush piece packed full of attitude and bashy basslines.

Fully immersed in crafting a style which was to become known throughout the world as Techstep, Ed Rush’s rise to prominence was now inevitable. Releases on Grooverider’s Prototype imprint and Goldie’s Metalheadz all confirmed his place as one of the leading producers in the new school of drum & bass elite. Not only was he making great music, but he was continuing to break new ground with his ideas and production techniques; new ground which would forever change the sound of drum & bass.

However, as we all know, it was Ed Rush’s team up with another great musical mind, Optical, that unleashed upon the world an album, a label and an audiological echo that would inspire thousands of copycat producers and spawn an entire generation of artists who, even a decade later, would still strive to come close to that Virus sound.

Dropping their immense debut album, ‘Wormhole’, upon an unsuspecting scene, Ed Rush & Optical literally created an entirely new set of rules for succeeding in drum & bass: Take a set of tracks considered too edgy for the major players of the time, add your own label and a pinch of self determination and you end up with what is widely regarded as the best drum & bass LP of all time!

Ed Rush & Optical have since moved through three more critically acclaimed albums, ‘The Creeps’, ‘Original Doctor Shade’ and the incredible semi-live project ‘Chameleon’, all with their own individual styles and personalities. 2009 saw them tackle the release of their fifth long player, ‘Travel The Galaxy’ a project which once again proved them as true masters of their trade and many claimed was their best work since wormhole. The duo are currently working on their latest album a project which promises an eagerly awaited injection of that classic Virus future funk with a blend of today’s production techniques that will prove hard to resist.

Optical (Virus Recordings)

Optical aka Matt Quinn is a highly respected and world reknowned Drum and Bass DJ and Producer and is co-owner of Virus Recordings, UK. https://www.facebook.com/VirusRecordings
Optical is the pseudonym of Matt Quinn, a renowned drum and bass producer and DJ from England.
He is best known for his work with Ed Rush, fellow head of the Virus Recordings label, and as a pioneer of the techstep and neurofunk sound. His first single for Metalheadz, 'To Shape the Future'/'Raging Calm' (1997) and his collaborative material with Ed Rush, such as the Wormhole, album (1998) were archetypal developments in the style. The duo followed this debut album with The Creeps (2000) and The Original Doctor Shade (2003), as well as countless singles and remixes. More recently, the duo have returned to form with their 2009 LP 'Travel The Galaxy' containing the modern classic 'Chubrub' and are now hard at work on a brand new LP for 2013.
He also notably did most of the engineering and production work for Grooverider's album Mysteries of Funk, and Goldie's 'Saturns Return' LP. In addition, he has produced solo, and released in collaboration with many artists, including Trace, Dom and Roland, Fierce, and his brother Matrix.

"Matt Quinn's savage dance floor productions as Optical (for, among many others, Groove's own label Prototype) have earned him a place in drum'n'bass's premier division.”

"Optical's pure, unchallenged talent shines through on his solo tunes, showcasing an artist well ahead of his time. No doubt the modern sounds of the likes of D-Bridge, Instra:mental and the rest of the minimalist dark revival heads, draw heavy influence not only from Optical himself, but from his inspirations in Jazz, such as Herbie Hancock and Miles Davis. His ability to blend Jazz, Funk and futuristic, technical soundscapes is masterful. From his early work on Metalheadz and Prototype Recordings to his collaborative work on Virus Recordings and the classic Mysteries of Funk (Grooverider's landmark LP), Optical can perhaps qualify as one of the most underrated musicians of the modern era. His mind has crafted sounds which were never before heard, moods which were completely original, and his vision of the future, although ultimately dark and disjointed, is beautifully vivid and addictive. Its a world he pulls you into with each and every track and only a handful of artists can begin to dream of being this successful in their work."

Virus Recordings has become a DnB scene favourite and continues to release the ultimate in DnB vibes, with artists like Audio, Optiv & BTK, The Upbeats, Noisia, Ram Trilogy, Matrix, Sonic & Silver, Pendulum. New for 2013: Mefjus and InsideInfo, a fantastic new Ed Rush & Optical LP, the return of The Upbeats to the label and a brand new Audio release to name a few things for this year...

Bachelors of Science w/ Emcee Child

As long-time residents of the weird and always unexpected city of San Francisco, Bachelors Of Science are renowned for mixing up and making unique blends of laid back, tripped-out, soul drenched tracks that are designed to be listened to as well as just heard on the floor. Choosing quality over quantity, they are regarded as one of the most consistently innovative and sought-after remixers and producers of the area, working with everyone from dance music legends Groove Armada and Paradox to indie darlings Home Video and Silver Swans.

On stage, the tales of the "full Bachelors Of Science set" are the stuff of legend. Having performed alongside acts as diverse as Pendulum, LTJ Bukem, High Contrast, Kode9, Photek and even Elvis Costello, the guys take a crowd on a journey with everything from BoS originals and bootlegs to custom edits of cutting edge tracks and past future classics … making d&b guys admit they've got a soft spot for 4/4, and house lovin girls admit they miss drum n bass.



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