APN_Music, We Get Live Entertainment and Herman's Hideaway present "Step Up and Get Live" the search for Denver's top performance MC! Starting April 14th, Denver's talent will start squaring off, with a $4000 cash grand prize!

Rules for entry:

This is a contest for an MC fronted performance group. The winner will be able to stage a show that competes at the national level. You are encouraged (but not required) to include live DJs and other musical performers as part of your set.

You must have at least 2 songs to perform in the preliminary round. You must have 5 songs ready for semifinals, and 8 should you make it to the final.

Winner each night will be determined by three factors:
1.) Your draw at the door
2.) Crowd response as measured by DB meter
3.) Judge's panel: including sponsors, special guests and someone from APN_Music.

For registration, sponsorship and general information contact:

The Contenderz

ContenderZ represent the practical knowledge and die hard experiences we share not only as a collective conscious but as individuals. From philosophical writes, exploring lifes deepest temptations, to the physical aspects of a world we all have grown a custom too. They are a true balance of what we are worldwide. We think, We party, We love, We hate, We cry, We worry, We fear, We second guess, We always change, We adapt, We find solutions to our problems or we soak in our sorrows. We all have moments where we feel invincible and as well our moments may be filled with endless holes that we somehow stumble into. Listen to multiple songs in order to understand the depth of their talent and awareness.

Austie Frostie

Austie Frostie's music spawns from minute cases of ADHD, OCD, a lack of respect, and a knack for being better at things than most. Leaving fans hyped, enlightened, and soaked in sweat, whether it's theirs' or his isn't important, Austie Frostie is a show to remember and a CD you want to take home and share with your friends.

Albeez 4 Sheez

As an artist out of Aurora Colorado, Albeez 4 Sheez has set the standard for artist after to keep the party hype with his upbeat tempos and fast flows Albeez 4 Sheez is able to captivate you with a soothing melody or use his powerful storytelling skills to make u want more of his music.




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