"In Heaven There Is No Beer" DVD release show featuring Kiss or Kill bands Bang Sugar Bang, Midway, Get Set Go, The Dollyrots, The Randies, Silver Needle

Kiss Or Kill Reunion Show

IN HEAVEN THERE IS NO BEER is a documentary that chronicles the Los Angeles Kiss or Kill music scene (2002-2007). Fed up with the wretched Sunset Strip pay-for-play policies and "too cool for school" apathetic crowds, the bands that made up Kiss or Kill forged their own scene based on great music, cheap booze, low cover and a mid-western sense of community and friendship. At it's peak Kiss or Kill had more than 60 bands in its' roster and 1,000 L.A. fans. But as the scene grew and became more popular, bands broke up, infighting occurred and there were frequent venue changes. All this contributed to the end of Kiss or Kill by 2007.

IN HEAVEN THERE IS NO BEER is helmed by first time director Dave Palamaro who was also a member of the Kiss or Kill band, The O.A.O.Ts. IN HEAVEN THERE IS NO BEER was an Official Selection of the Athens, Macon, Dances With Films and the Melbourne Underground film festivals in 2012. Modern Distributors and MVD Entertainment Group are releasing the Special Edition DVD of IN HEAVEN THERE IS NO BEER on August 6th, 2013. Film Buff is releasing it on iTunes, Hulu, Amazon, Playstation Network, XBox Live and other platforms in late Summer 2013.

What critics say about IN HEAVEN THERE IS NO BEER:

"Four stars- one of the Best Films of 2012" - Mark Bell, Film Threat
"A definite touchstone for indie film-goers" - Moviesharkdeblore
"A must-see for those that love the spirit of indie rock bands" - Chris Gore
"It captivates the viewer...it takes the stereotype of punk rock music and turns it squarely on its ear" - Rogue Cinema

The Dollyrots (CD Release Party)

The Dollyrots are a punk rock band but their CDs are very pop. Rah rah rah. Kelly is sugar sweet but mischievous and might sucker punch you if you're dumb enough to try her patience. Which she has a lot of, if she hasn't been visiting her friends Jack, Jim or Jameson. She likes to do girl things like grow plants and sew up her t-shirts and crochet and make strawberry cakes. But she also likes to play her basses til they are sprinkled with blood and drives soo fast she's not allowed behind the wheel. She likes to get carsick reading and writing postcards from the road. Her favorite guy is Quito, her dog, who you'll meet after the show if you come see the band on tour. She loves Irish punk rock, girl groups, and anything off the "Dirty Dancing" soundtrack. And she smells great.

Then there is Luis... Luis is mysterious. And very smart. He is one of those guys who you meet and think maybe you'd join his cult. I hear he has his own religion, based on the Sun God so it's not really a stretch. Ask him about it sometime; he'll tell you about freaking that room full of people out while rambling about western religion while on some weird head trip. He is also known to get feisty when he's hungry or afraid he's getting sick. It's really easy to get Luis to flinch, he's not crazy about people touching him. Maybe it's because he was abducted when he lived in Ecuador as a child. He likes good brit punk, music of the early 90's because it's honest and don't forget Chuck Berry and Patsy Cline. On the road he likes to read parts of books he never finishes and stare out the window. He's good to talk to.

The Dollyrots have released three full length albums ("Eat My Heart Out", "Because I'm Awesome", and "A Little Messed Up") and several singles and EPs through the Lookout, Blackheart, and Brando record labels. Their music has earned them song placements, commercials, and acting stints in film & TV including Disney/Pixar's Brave, Hewlett-Packard, Kohls, CSI:NY, among others. The band has logged hundreds of thousands of miles in the U.S. touring consistently since 2003, cultivating a rabidly loyal fan base while headlining and playing one-off shows in the US & UK alongside Bowling For Soup, Buzzcocks, and Joan Jett, Forever the Sickest Kids, Paramore, The Breeders, and The Go-Gos.

For The Dollyrots, 2012 is gearing up to be their best year yet as they are set to release their 4th full length album, once again produced by John Fields. The album is in large part being funded by fans through a Kickstarter crowdsourcing project that quadrupled initial fundraising expectations. As singer/bassist Kelly Ogden puts it, "Luis and I wrote the songs, demo'd everything at home, picked the producer, picked the engineers, worked out all the parts for all instruments, picked the artist, photos, sequencing...everything just the two of us with some help from John to beef things up and rock some synths & percussion. It's a 100% DIY album and one we feel is by far our strongest effort to date. We've had a Spinal Tap number of drummers over our career so for this one things kind of came full circle...the two of us in a room making music just like back in high school". The resulting self-titled LP "The Dollyrots" is set for a September 18th, 2012 street date through Storefront/Sony RED with a US and UK tour to follow.

Bang Sugar Bang

BANG sugar BANG are a punk rock threesome hailing from Los Angeles, CA. Their sound is a combination of '77 style punk rock and the music of the British Invasion, complete with a slamming beat, enticing male/female harmonies and a good beer drenching.

Cooper (vocals/bass) and Matt Southwell (vocals/guitars) formed BANG sugar BANG in 2001 while working at a Los Angeles based erotic jello mold company. Soon after Pawley Filth (drums), a college buddy of Matt's who had not been seen since he and Matt were thrown out of a Detroit club for pelting Ted Nugent with beer bottles a year before, joined BANG sugar BANG and their hard and fast style of punk rock was born.

"If you're getting tired of all the bullshit punk that is out there and want to hear some Pixies-influenced type shit then, Bang Sugar Bang is the band for you. Sharing the microphone, Matt and Copper are a couple of fucking nuts who know who the true god is: BEER. BSB music is like off-roading in a Mini Cooper. It will leave your nuts jumping and your head rattled (or maybe that's the other way around)"(Skratch magazine, July 2004).

Silver Needle

The Randies

Wedged into the seediest block of Highland Park there's a dilapidated bowling alley turned punk club where you're just as likely to slow dance with a toothless granny as swap tips on mohawk styling. With it's floors coated with decades of spilled beer and Christmas decorations from 1982 still clinging to the walls, Mr. T's Bowl is the homey rock hideaway that spawned a close knit community of bands. T's was the place you came if you wanted to get away from the endless showcases on the Sunset strip or the too-cool-for-school snobbery of Silver Lake.
Laura and Sienna, both regular performers at T's Tuesday nights, were thrown together when Laura witnessed Sienna dumping a Bud Light on the head of a well deserving scenester and complimented her on her form. Fresh out of a bad break up, Sienna needed an outlet for her angst, and Laura's infectious EVERYTHING-IS-AWESOME attitude was about to spill over. The girls took their excess of respective emotion to the practice room and The Randies were born. Drawing from their shared love of artists such as the Ramones, Descendents, The Pixies and Pavement (and of course Sienna's occasional need to throw a drink on someone) the girls developed their own brand of feisty power-pop. For The Randies it's all about hooks, harmonies and catchy guitar riffs.
Sticking true to rock n' roll form, Laura and Sienna shuffled through a number of bandmates before finding the perfect compliment to their "better living through rock n' roll" mantra in miss Laurita Guaico and Southern boy Aaron Polk. Having cut her rock teeth in bands like Relish and The Angoras, Laurita was the guitar slinging goddess the girls had been looking for. Not satisfied with mere guitar playing prowess, she deftly took the drink tossing into her own hands. Laurita brought the band's live show to a whole new level by acting as some sort of bearer of Karmic retribution and frequently drenching Sienna with multiple beverages on stage.
Hailing from Baton Rouge, LA, Aaron Polk is a living miracle. After one bad day at work, he threw a duffle bag of clothes, some nerdy board games, his drum sticks and $300 into his truck and set out for the West Coast without a word of warning to anyone, least of all himself. Unbeknownst to him, he was responding to a cosmic call Sienna, Laurita and Laura had sent out to the universe, requesting that their dream drummer materialize in Los Angeles. Upon arrival, he endured a Randies baptism of fire as he acclimated to the girls hectic schedule of practice, writing and constant touring. Now fully equipped with a triple threat across the front of the stage and a hurricane of raw power on the drums, The Randies were poised for world domination.
Energized by their new incarnation, The Randies set to work on the follow up album to their first effort At the Friendship Motor Inn. Once again joining forces with Elicit/Majestic Recordings/Navarre to produce and distribute, The Randies second album Saw the Light started to take shape. The Randies continue to infiltrate the popular consciousness through every avenue possible. Songs from At the Friendship Motor Inn have been making audible appearances on major TV shows like the WB's Jack and Bobby and MTV's Laguna Beach and There and Back. The girls scored endorsement deals from Dickies Girl and Fender. The band is featured on The Norwalk Distributors Tsunami Aid CD "Of Hearts and Hands" along with artists Annabella Lwin, The Fixx, and Dramarama. And of course, the Randies are touring, touring, touring. After spring tours with like-minded rockers The Rainman Suite, The Randies will once again jump on this summer's Vans Warped Tour followed by a headlining coast to coast trek. With their inexhaustible optimism and tireless pursuit of the elusive rock and roll dream, The Randies are poised to conquer the world one fan at a time.
Laura grew up on a grape and cherry farm in California's Central Valley. She always wanted to play guitar and after much pleading, her parents finally broke down and bought her one for her 12th birthday. After honing her musical skills, Laura wanted to find a band as well as attend art school. Her love of music and painting drove Laura to pack her bags and head to the big city.
Sienna is one of the last L.A. natives. Born and bred in East Hollywood, Sienna dreamed of a glamorous life that did not include wading through used syringes and condoms on the way to the school bus. During college she put her marching band nerdiness to work playing in a ska band and settled on music as the path to her future.
Laurita, the daughter of Chilean immigrants, spent her formative years putting on attendance mandatory musical revues in the Florida trailer park she called home. By the 7th grade she was a full time member of the heavy metal girl gang The Sisters of Sin. By taking the Sisters blood oath, Laurita swore to commit her life to rock n' roll and has been chasing the dream ever since.
Aaron grew up steeped in the congeniality and mysticism of Baton Rouge, LA. As a kid, his favorite game was enacting a version of Star Wars with his brother in which Luke and Han had to form the ultimate rock band to save the galaxy. He spent the next eight years honing his natural talent for drumming into a finely tuned light saber of rock and has been fighting the good fight ever since.



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