Joy and Madness

Joy and Madness

Joy and Madness is a band of soul brothers, pulled together from the ashes of The Nibblers, a Sacramento based funk and soul phenomenon that quickly rose to prominence in the NorCal area and beyond. in 2011 and 2012, culminating in an invitation to play the esteemed High Sierra Music Festival. Through nothing but frenzied word of mouth, their riotously fresh take on old school funk mixed choice rearrangements of obscure covers and new originals to great effect. Lead singer Hans Eberbach, riding a top the white lightning of bright blasts of horns and jumped up rhythm took fans to total meltdown with each and every show.

After a parting of ways in the Nibbler camp in May of 2012 that left Eberbach jettisoned from the band, 6 of the 8 members of the Nibblers rejoined him in the fall of 2012 to form a new take on that same hot sound. The band became JOY&MADNESS. With a renewed focus and an abiding love for the music that started it all, JOY&MADNESS is jumping head, heart, hips and feet straight back into the hot spotlight of full funk release – to the delight of all party people on planet.

Roem Baur is a San Francisco based singer-songwriter with a "stirring vocal range and a passion for his music" (Nina Ragonese, WMATT) that proves to be worthy of the unusual distinction of his epithet (which came to his young, single mother in a dream shortly before he was born). A classically trained tenor with a four octave range and award-winning singer (MAMA and Elly Awards), Baur has begun to distinguish himself in the San Francisco scene with his unconventional takes on blues, soul and folk music coupled with the wit and energy he brings to his live performances. Baur's song work also draws inspiration from 60's folk music, his early operatic training and years of touring internationally in choirs. Describing what inspires him, he says, "When I listen to great soul singers, like the late Etta James for example, I just listen to her sing a simple line, and there's truth and brokenness, it's internal. There is anger, triumph--everything. There is a complete story happening in every line. That's a lesson for me." As he takes the leap from performing singer-songwriter to a fuller, more realized sound, Baur's band will include organ, tuba, bass trombone, guitar and drums. "The new band is a concept I've had running around my head for years - orchestra meets blues and soul. When the right talents come together and the planets align... you get a chance to do something really special. This sound is hard to explain even to fellow musicians who haven't heard it. It's something you feel."


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