The FreEDM Bangers

The FreEDM Bangers

Keeping the 4th of July vibe alive, we bring you The FreEDM Bangers!

For this event, we have 6 DJ's from 5 different production companies. We're uniting for one night to form The FreEDM Bangers. This event is about being united for the music scene we hold dear to our hearts.

This event is about freedom of expression. This is not gonna be your typical EDM Event. There will be many surprises and elements to this event. WE plan to make this a SUPER fun and an insane experience for everyone. There will be more Dj's and promoters and people who just love the scene involved than listed in the underneath Dj Line Up. Also there will be an
insane lighting and laser show, a banging sound system, and The FreEDM GoGo Dancers!!

Look for photo shoots and comic strips that's right I said comic strips for promo for this event. Lets unite for one night to express ourselves and leave all our day to day lives at home.

Vlad The Inhaler - (Crunchay Productions)
Navino - (Thrive Live+ Lucid Levels +Standard Resident)
Applesauce - (Skybox Studios)
Eskimo Bros. - (Tee&Aye)
One Bad Chad

Drink specials TBA

6$ for 21-up
8$ for 18-20

$6.00 for 21 & Up - $8.00 - 18-20


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