The Hot Gates, Ancient Cities

The Hot Gates

Jason Scavone's voice is soaked with excitement and anticipation. His hurried tone sounds as though he's talking to me while on the phone in the middle of an afternoon jog. He's a bit more chatty than he was the first time we talked in 2007 about his Charlotte band The Noises 10. It could be his nerves, after all. Scavone's girlfriend is due to go into labor at any time and while this conversation is more focused on giving birth to a debut album with his rock band The Hot Gates, his mind is probably on his first foray into fatherhood. But there's also a sense of relief that comes across -- relief that both events have finally reached the due date.

It was nearly four years ago that pop-rock outfit The Noises 10 had been signed to Jive Records on a development deal that quickly fell apart. They then got picked up by Roadrunner Records, but that too disintegrated before an album came to fruition. Months spent holding label showcases and traveling around the country for recording sessions and meetings were taking their toll.

"I just felt like everyone was spent and we didn't have the same drive and motivation," Scavone says. "They're all my really good buddies, and I didn't want us to not like each other because of it. I think we naively set our expectations really high. Looking back, we would have been better off signing with a smaller label and building it in a smaller way. Now, I want to go back to what I was doing before — writing music because I enjoy doing it."

Ancient Cities

Longtime friends and Charlotte music scene favorites, Stephen Warwick (Secondhand Stories) & Justin Fedor (The New Familiars), join forces to create the psychedelic-indie-synth-pop group, Ancient Cities. Performing up and down the East coast as both a duo and a full band, they've been seen backed by members of groups like The Noises Ten, Lowry, and the Fat Faced Band. Warwick's songwriting is complimented by Fedor's multi-instrumental talent as the duo moves through a set list of songs that will be featured on the band's first full length studio release. Previews of these songs as well as a couple of covers can be downloaded at

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