Bear Hands

"For the past month, we've been telling everyone within earshot about Bear Hands, an unsigned up-and-comer out of Brooklyn that should be on the radar of every indie label." -Entertainment Weekly

"..While hints of lo-fi indie and post-punk v2.o float about on their debut, the songs catch fire from their own spark. No grungy depression or post-millennial anxiety, just solid tunes.." -Alternative Press (top 100 bands of 2008)

Press has been off the hook in the US and the UK for their debut 4 song ep "Golden" which was produced by Andrew Schneider (Cave In, Pelican) and for their live shows. Bear Hands have been fortunate enough to share the stage with bands such as MGMT, Vampire Weekend, Ra Ra Riot, Ambulance Ltd, Cursive, Ted Leo & The Pharmacists, Le Savy Fav etc. They take to the road again in January 09 for a headlining East Coast/Mid West run in the US and then return to the UK in February for a two week tour to support their Singles Club release on Too Pure/Beggars.

In August 2006, Dylan Rau (vocals/guitar) brought together Ted Feldman (guitar), Val Loper (bass) and TJ Orscher (drums) in a small NYC practice space. The original plan was to flesh out some demos Rau had been working on but each quickly saw and heard the potential for a band; a band that would be unique sounding yet widely accessible.

Focusing on the rhythm and percussion that Orscher and Loper bring, they strive to bring the driving beat to the foreground and to marry it with the contemplative lyrics of Rau and inventive guitar lines of Feldman. This musical creativity combines and combats ideas set forth by pioneers of the rock genre.

The duo Johnossi, consisting of John Engelbert (vocals, guitar) and Oskar Bonde (drums), from Stockholm began playing together in 2004 and released their first self-titled debut just one year later via a small indie record label. After having toured with acts like The Soundtrack Of Our Lives, Mando Diao and Razorlight as well as having completed a couple of successful headline tours around Scandinavia and Europe, their second album “All They Ever Wanted”, produced by Jari Haapalainen (known for his work with The Concretes, Ed Harcourt and Camera Obscura, to name just a few), was released in March 2008. Apart from all the audience’s favourites, which could be found on their first two albums, the band gained an additional degree of awareness by contributing their “Execution Song” to the movie “The Wave”. Their third, and in conformity with their homepage, most ambitious album “Mavericks” came out in April 2010 in Europe and was Johnossis big breakthrough. And they just now in January 2011 picked up a Swedish Grammy Award for "Best Group"

The duo is known for their brilliant and highly energetic live performances. Armed with only acoustic guitar (through several amps and pedals) and combat style drumming they sound louder and heavier than most rock bands.

DINOWALRUS is psychedelic synth-punk band from Brooklyn, NY comprised of former Titus Andronicus guitarist Pete Feigenbaum, synth and bass wizard Liam Andrew, and Depreciation Guild drummer Anton Hochheim.

Pete started the band in 2008 and they quickly grabbed attention with a long run of local and regional shows with the likes of Javelin, Surfer Blood, Health, Real Estate, Screaming Females, A Place to Bury Strangers, Crystal Stilts, Titus Andronicus and These are Powers. They started 2009 strong with a 7" release that was distrubuted by Impose and RVNG, another 7" release on the Australian label EXO, plus a tour to SXSW with the Australian post-punk band Bachelor of Arts.

In January 2010, DINOWALRUS put out their shapeshifting, eclectic and erudite debut, %, on Kanine Records (Surfer Blood, Chairlift, Grizzly Bear). The album was a unique, structurally unorthodox, unpredictable and melange of krautrock, synthpop, shoegaze, acid-rock, noise, and thrash-punk that was well received in underground circles, but was generally ignored by broader indie-rock audiences. The band toured the east coast and California with the likes of Fang Island, Aa, Signals (ex-mae shi), and Tempo no Tempo.

Later in 2010, Pete revamped the lineup and songwriting approach, and began working with Liam Andrew (synthesizers, bass). The two has been friends since college, where they both took a course entiled "the experimental traditional in pop music", where they received course credit for listening to favorites such as PiL, Brian Eno, Throbbing Gristle and Kraftwerk. With drummer Anton Hochheim from their Kanine shoegazer labelmates the Depreciation Guild onboard, DINOWALRUS reivented themselves with a more pop-oriented songwriting approach that drew heavily on the 1980s beats of Madchester plus other groovin' minimal synth, new wave, dark wave, and post punk angles, while retaining their psychedelic and krautock backbone.

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