The Daft Punk Tribute Band

The Daft Punk Tribute Band

Human. After all.

The Bounce Lab

It all started when Ben Witt and Cannon Moltz were brought together to form an alliance known as The Electric Mandala. Years later, the two crossed paths with drummer, Zack Wolff, and guitarist, Mike White. The duo added the perfect blend of high energy and serenading, brain-altering riffs. The band had come together with one thought in mind, to make it bounce. Consequently, the positive energy and uplifting music that they created brought along the interest of musical mastermind, Andrew Carton. Ever since, the boys have been hard at work in the lab devising new ways to keep the crowd bouncing. So put on your dancing shoes, and don't forget your safety goggles and Bunsen burners because The Bounce Lab is here to catalyze the party.

$12.00 - $15.00


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