EARLY SHOW! White Fang, Fletcher C Johnson, Peace (from Vancouver)

White Fang (9pm set time)

four freebirds high on life/doing the things we wanna do/we'll get as high as we fucking please/fuck it.

The apparent tranquility of peacetime has been known to foster the most fervent feelings of unrest, and this likely seems the case for Vancouver quartet Peace. The fresh young faces that stare out placidly from press photos or mug and jeer for the camera in videos for songs such as "Your Hand in Mine" are at odds with the deeper sense of unease contained in the music which the band propagates. Unsuspecting music aficionados lured in by the unassuming nature of the band and the aforementioned tune's beguiling sweetness are reduced to squirming uncomfortably in front of their laptops. Because despite the superficial aptness of their name, this is music drenched in the clammy sweat of existential crisis. Even beneath the smirking alcoholic mysticism of the lyrics, this music questions the foundations that it is built on. Do the guitars entwine or escape from one another? Are these songs hypnotic mantras or sadistic marches without destination? The band's 2012 album title,"The World is Too Much With Us", nods in agreement with Wordsworth's rejection of the material world while it's sound languishes in their native rain-choked streets. Perhaps this is the most telling explanation that the band leaves in its wake: Peace presides in the landscape of the mind, and there too the weather is bitter.



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