Monty Luke (Planet E)

Monty Luke (Planet E)

Monty Luke comes with a long history of bringing a funky, raw eclectic sound to the west coast underground. Dubbed a favorite amongst local DJ’s and ‘those that know’ for years, Monty has continued to set the bar high for himself and his listeners, melding his upfront, cut-up DJ mix style and electrifying presence to dancefloors worldwide.

In 2002, Monty released “What U Feel,” a collaboration between himself and reclusive producer extraordinaire L. Ray Robinson under the moniker Loopwreckas on the Imperial Dub label. Monty also has recorded with Stompy Hi-Fi resident DJ Tasho and they have completed a two-track e.p. for Claude Von Stroke’s Mothership label entitled “Paranoid,” Be on the lookout for more solo productions as ML Tronik, in particular “The Diamond Boxx e.p.” which was co-produced in Detroit in 2006 with the help of legendary producer Carl Craig. A follow up to ‘Paranoid’ called “Personal Problems” was out on Mothership at the end of 2007.

Monty remains focused on bringing that raw, eclectic electronic disco to the world through both his DJ sets, and original productions. The future of house is now. Go get some No-Doze!

Mike Simonetti (DJ)

-1987: sneaks out of his house to go to his first hardcore show at CBGB at age 15.

-1988: got a job as a lowly receptionist at club Mars in NYC through a friend in Feb when he was 16.

-1988 worked his way up to "promoter" by mid 1988 going to clubs and handing out flyers

-1989: promoted his first party at Mars called 'FRIDAY NIGHT FEEVER' in March. a disco themed party. the only one in NYC at the time. DJ Duke Of Denmark was the resident.

-1992: started Troubleman Records with money saved from working as a stockboy at a supermarket

-1993: started djing house parties and lofts for fun

-1996: signed Glass Candy in 1996

-1997: got first "real gigs" in NYC

-1998: starts the CONTORT YRSELF party in the basement of the Knitting Factory playing post punk, disco, funk and hip hop lasts until 9/11 shuts the club down for almost a year.

-1999: is a 'resident' at the infamous HAPPY BIRTHDAY HIDEOUT parties in Brooklyn. his bookings increase throughout the hip parties in NYC.

-2000: is a 'resident' at Rubulad which he still holds to this day. known as the best loft party in Brooklyn. his 8 hour sets are legend.

-2000: is a resident at Lit in NYC, a legendary party thrown by Justine D. was one of the first djs to try out disco and house downstairs in the club, which was usually rock based.

-2000: is a semi regular resident dj at MOTHERFUCKER in NYC. the essential downtown club kid party and recognized as one of the best NYC parties of the era.

-2002: starts the AEROSOL BURNS party in Brooklyn. all night parties become legendary. The Fall plays unannounced show. capacity of bar is 70 people.

-2003: cops raid AEROSOL BURNS at 11am, everyone gets arrested. party ends.

-2004: Troubleman signs CHROMATICS, releases HEALER 12". it sells out in a week.

-2004: begins djing seriously, traveling all over the world to play records to people in any club they will have him

-2005: Glass Candy plays their last show with a drummer, opting for a more electronic , dancey sound.

-2008: Mike and Johnny start an offshoot of Troubleman for dance music in Mike's kitchen while drinking red wine. They call it Italians Do It Better as a joke thinking it wouldnt be a big deal

-2008: After Dark compilation is released, and a mini revolution is born and the bar is raised…

-2010: releases his first songs and does his first remixes, almost 20 years after going to Mars for the first time

-2010: starts new sub label of Italians called Perseo focusing on edits.

-2011: releases debut lp CAPRICORN RISING

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