Misery Signals

Misery Signals

Guitarist Ryan Morgan and bass player Kyle Johnson had no intention of slowing down after the shocking split of 7 Angels 7 Plagues during the summer of 2002. Things were finally coming together for the band, and having just decided to quit school and work, Ryan and Kyle weren't about to switch gears any time soon. That very week they were hard at work writing songs for their new project, and later that month with the addition of Hamartia's Jeff Aust on guitar, Jesse Zaraska of Compromise on vocals, and Ryan's brother Branden on drums, Misery Signals was formed. Jeff Aust eventually left the band, cutting their spring 2003 tour short, they added Stu Ross on guitar and re-solidified their lineup. They are once again an insane touring machine.

Similar to 7 Angels 7 Plagues in style, Misery Signals play fast and heavy hardcore, tinged with brilliantly melodic interludes and transitions that converge into poignant masterpieces appealing to both the ear and the heart. Their debut 6-Song EP is a 25-minute personal and heartfelt journey through the heart and character of each of these determined musicians. This record showcases the desire and desperation of the group as a whole to persist and create in the wake of the demise of their respective bands. Misery Signals provides an outlet to express the anguish and hopefulness that drives its members, while producing a cathartic experience in listeners.

The Color Morale

The Color Morale is a post-hardcore band from Rockford, Illinois. The group is currently signed to Rise Records. They have released two albums to date, We All Have Demons, released on September 1, 2009, and My Devil In Your Eyes, released on March 8, 2011. Shortly before the band's second album was released, bassist/vocalist Justin Hieser left the band for reasons that have not been clarified. On July 18, 2011 the band announced they had been sponsored by Schecter. Justin Hieser returned to the band after sorting out some personal issues and is now the rhythm guitarist.


"After a seemingly endless pile of crappy hardcore and deathcore bands, I was completely overjoyed when I finally found these guys. They play technical-melodic metal and they sound like what I imagine you might get if Veil Of Maya and Misery Signals had a baby. That's a very good thing."-Heavy Blog Is Heavy

"The concept of the release is inspired by the Planet Earth Documentary series just as our prior release Caves was. I think people will recognize Earth as being mature sequel of our last release." Guitarist Julian Rodriguez of L.A. based band, Elitist talks about the band's upcoming EP Earth being released this October. Being tagged as a progressive Djent band Elitist have been delivering technical and melodic metal that is both epic and shredding since the release of their debut EP Caves in 2010.
Tracked by Rodriguez himself and mixed by Diego Farias of L.A. brother band, Volumes (Mediaskare Records) Earth is as Rodriguez says ""the same intensity and theme as Caves. However, wanted to have a more methodical approach to the songs. We wanted to make sure each song had a common theme that tied everything together, while maintaining a progressive sound. I think this EP is more aggressive but yet more rounded than Caves." A key element of the band's attack is Rodriguez and Sean Hall's dual guitar wizardry. Music geeks will even be more impressed with the knowledge that both guitarists received musical training from AJ Minette of The Human Abstract. Minette impressed with what Elitist was doing was integral in introducing the band to the music industry including the Blk Heart Group who now manage the group. Minette was even going to take the band on it's first national tour this past spring on The Human Abstract's headlining tour which unfortunately had to be cancelled.

Elistist formed in December 2010 when Rodriguez and original vocalist Jacob were trying to re-start their previous band Another Day In Vain and recruited Hall and original drummer Robert from another previous Rodriguez project The Fortune Teller as well as bassist Mike Danese. The group decided to create a whole new sound which Rodriguez says is "a balance in our music that will appease both musicians and non-musicians with smart songwriting and a main lyrical theme of having strength to keep pushing forward." A progressive viewpoint as well as a progressive sound as it were. Based in Los Angeles Elitist shares camaraderie with such fellow neighboring artists as Volumes, Bermuda and Erra. The release of Caves to the internet last year ignited kids nationwide to take instrument in hand and try to play along and post instrument covers on youtube. Now armed with new vocalist Alex DeHeart and new drummer Andrew Slane, Elitist are set to explode into national prominence with the Earth EP.

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