Snake Island

Snake Island! is Loud Psychedelic Rock n Roll without the faux flower-child gimmickry; Blues for pissed off teenagers; Fuzzed out sonic destruction.

The band formed in the spring of 2010 as a collaboration between guitarists and friends Allan Schleich (Omaha) and Garrett Schmelzel (Portland) who had been jamming and exchanging song ideas through email and video chat. The concept began when Allan was invited to join in a tour of China with other Omaha bands if he could start his own in time. He invited Garrett to move from Portland to Omaha and help put the project together. With the promise of a once in a life-time chance to see China, Garrett agreed and drove across country to Omaha where Snake Island! was born... They practiced overnights with a rotating line-up at the local DIY venue The Hole for an entire summer, honing their songs from sunset to sunrise three to four days a week, occasionally letting a crowd spill in from other shows to view the progress. By the end of that summer the band was ready to start performing shows and hop on a plane to Beijing. Unfortunately the promoter in China and the other bands faced scheduling and other conflicts so the plug had to be pulled on the tour. Undeterred, Snake Island! began to perform relentlessly in the local & regional Indie and Garage Rock circuits which culminated in them earning an Omaha Entertainment Arts Award for "Best New Artist 2011".

On New Years Eve 2011 the band released their first self titled 10" off Fear of Music records. Soon after, Joshua French and Mike Zimmerman both joined the band as permanent band members on bass and drums respectively. The limited run 10" soon sold out and the band (with a now permanent lineup) self-released a 12" version of the same album which they took across the country with them on their ambitious 2012 Summer tour.

In October of 2012 Snake Island! was invited to perform on the Halloween special of the punk rock public access kids show Chic-A-Go-Go where they debuted the new single “All My Friends Are Wolfmen, Yeah” they recorded specifically for that event. Additionally the band received two more nods from the Omaha Entertainment Arts Awards committee for “Best Artist” and “Best Rock”.

The band, which is fiercely DIY in terms of printing their own T-shirts and album covers as well booking entire tours by themselves, has garnered a large enough reputation in order to share the stage with such notable acts as A Place to Bury Strangers, White Mystery, The Night Beats, The Growlers, Hunters, The Biters and The Booze and (as of this writing) will soon be performing with Black Joe Lewis and The Honeybears.

Currently Snake Island! is in the studio with Make Believe Records and will soon release their first full length LP which will be followed by a large-scale Summer tour to promote it.

The Lucky

Igniting a post-punk-riot explosion, The Lucky combines the intellect, sensuality, and fire-and-powder energy of Camilla Camille and Jason. Together they create dirty garage rock with a literary edge and a beat you can dance to.
Camille and Jason became fast friends over coffee and guitar riffs in the summer of 2011. In the heat of their collaboration, new songs took shape and old songs were reborn. Sharing vocals, they mixed a punk and riot girl recipe for rock-n-roll. They named the band The Lucky, added a drummer and began performing shows in June 2012.
The Lucky recorded with Paul Malinowski at Massive Sound Studio and released a four-song demo in February 2013. After going through a Spinal Tap-like procession of drummers, Dustin Mott joined the band with bassist Calandra in July 2013. Camille, who previously played guitar, switched solely to vocals, adding her enthusiastic choreography to the live show.
Camille is sometimes sweet, like Kathleen Hannah, and other times primal, like Donita Sparks. Jason is reminiscent of Iggy Pop and Lou Reed, while his guitar solos weave a haunting melody of divine frosting.
Drawing on musical influences throughout the history of rock-n-roll as well as literary idols such as Lord Byron and Emily Dickinson, The Lucky forges a powerful post-punk-riot fusion that begs to be turned up a little louder.

The Bad Ideas

The Bad Ideas is an American punk band from Kansas City, Missouri formed in October 2011. They've written all original songs and are influenced by post-hardcore, punk, and early pop punk. Their practice space is in the heart of a small local punk community. The EP, Worse Thoughts, was recorded on January 22, 2012 and was released in early March.

Their full length will be recorded in November 2012.

The Pale Hearts

Got a noose made of smiles you can hang yourself through.



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