Holiday Mountain

"They've come from a distant plane to make us dance like we're insane."
-Raw Paw

"Unconventional in all the right ways, Become Who You Are shows Holiday Mountain are ready for the big time and marks them as a band to watch."
-Performer Magazine

Holiday Mountain is a three-piece psych-dub-pop workout operating out of Austin, TX. Formed in Boston in 2010 as a compliment to the songs of Laura Patiño, Holiday Mountain has been through several incarnations before settling into it's current trio configuration. Since moving to Austin in 2012 they are hard at work making a home for themselves in the city's diverse musical community while building upon their tradition of fan interaction and their reputation as a formidable dance act.

In early 2012 they released their debut LP Become Who You Are with guitarist Mike Simonelli. The ten track album showcases the band's musical range and creative ambitions through it's monstrous dub grooves, psychedelic space journeying, pounding surf-reggae, electro western disco, 1960s island grooves, tight jungle breaks, flourishes of electronics and hip hop backbeats.

Most recently Holiday Mountain performed before a packed crowd of more than 1500 fans and spectators for their headlining show at Boston's Institute of Contemporary Art. Other highlights include a rave review of their album in Performer Magazine, a spot as the weekly feature on, and press coverage from both The Boston Globe and CBS Boston.

Now hard at work on fresh material for their next album, Holiday Mountain promises new excursions into the land of electro-pop, chugging organ blues, psychedelic latin grooves, hyper-obese dub reggae, hip hop breaks, and a deeper look into their already established sound.

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