The Magic Beans "Night at the Roxbury" Theme Party

The Magic Beans

The Magic Beans is a troupe of musicians that got jarred up in Four Mile Canyon, Colorado and created a bond that allows for spontaneous improvisation and music greater than the sum of its parts.

The Beans style is all encompassing and completely natural, using no pre-recorded tracks but rather live instruments that range from the electric mandolin to the synthesizer to the banjo to create a genre spanning musical experience that is sure to leave no one out. Genres include but are not limited to jazz, folk, funk, bluegrass, rock, electronica, honky tonk, etc. The Magic Beans are unique merely for the fact that they can go on improvisational journeys that take you from high energy acoustic music to laid back electronica into a guitar shredding finale, that can last well over 10 and in some cases 20 minutes, while keeping you dancing and engaged throughout.

Seamlessly combining acoustic roots music and traditional instruments with modern technology and electric dance music, The Beans are as original and diverse as their place of their origin, the Colorado Rockies.
Having survived the Four Mile Fire, this tragedy only fueled the metaphorical flames of creation within the group as they carry the torch for many other bands out of Boulder Canyon from Leftover Salmon to Big Head Todd and the Monsters to The String Cheese Incident.

Countless original songs, live shows, instruments, Waterfront Music Festival's Local Band contest winner, and now a a full-length studio album in the works in under one year of being a group. What does the future hold? The Magic Beans love music and love sharing the fun with everyone in earshot. Just don't expect to be sitting down. Rejoice!


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