Windsor Oaks Band

Windsor Oaks Band

Raleigh, NC alternative rockers Windsor Oaks Band have been writing, recording and rocking the East Coast for almost 5 years. Influences such as Foo Fighters, the Beatles, CCR, and Motown can be heard in their music. They've been through some ups and some downs, but in the end it's all about making great music that connects with people. The band's core is solidified by childhood friends Shane Smith (vocals/guitars) and Alex Shepherd (drums/vocals) and veteran Carolina axe-man, Clay Singletary (bass/lead guitar), adds a solid and versatile backbone to the group’s dynamic.

"Windsor Oaks Band is one of those rare 'really has their act together' bands. They are talented, hardworking, and creative. We'll be hearing a lot more from them in the future!" - Dave Rose, owner of Deep South Entertainment (Stryper, Marcy Playground, Bruce Hornsby, Little Feat, SR-71, Parmalee)

"The Windsor Oaks Band album 'Take a Chance' is a must have with it's soulful lyrics and its electrifying rock sound you can't miss. They make a guy like me wanna get up and get down." - Daveylove at Modern Problems Radio Show

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Growing up together in rural Pennsylvania, Garrett Cummings, Abe Kline, and Taylor Cummings were raised on home-grown music. After playing in high school rock bands and gigging the bars as acoustic acts through college, the trio came together as a three piece band in Raleigh, NC in summer 2007.

New Sweat has been regularly writing, recording, and gigging since then, incorporating funky, bluesy grooves into pop-rock.

The live show is a set-list-free, sheet music-free, 'Journey'-free, 'Bon-Jovi' free, jam-out heavy combination of tight originals and original-sounding covers.

The Motley Tones

The Motley Tones are a high-energy, upbeat pirate singing group that live around Raleigh, NC. They long ago abandoned their murderous ways for more melodious piratical pursuits, and now sing a wide variety of delightfully harmonious and occasionally amusing story songs of yesteryear and today, sea shanties, acapella songs and more. Independent music from the 1700s. They sing madrigals for the king by day, pub songs for the hoi polloi by night, with love songs & sailor songs all the day long.

$5 online / $7 at the door


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