In the last few years, Morgan Sorne has written over 80 songs. The first 13 were released in 2011 in his debut album, House of Stone, and he’s working on releasing more this year on his sophomore record, "ego altar." The album will feature songs from the perspectives of the five siblings, the star characters of the House of Stone saga.

Set in no particular time or place, the story speaks of family relationships, focusing on the death of the father and highlighting Sorne’s obsession with the Divine Mother. House of Stone grew in his mind for years, the characters initially born as direct reflections of his mother and her siblings. House of Stone evolved from childhood views of family into characters with a life of their own, each representing, in Sorne’s words, “archetypes of the human condition.” Today, SORNE the band includes Morgan, Kevin Naquin and Deano, along with a production team that brings Sorne’s music and visual artistry to life.

This past summer, SORNE caught the attention of Kyp Malone, Tunde Adebimpe and Jaleel Bunton of TV on the Radio and were asked to open for them on a short tour, performing to sold-out crowds at such prestigious venues as The Fillmore in Miami Beach, House of Blues in Orlando, Florida Theatre in Jacksonville, Jannus Live in St.Petersburg and Cains Ballroom in Tulsa,OK., amongst others.

In 2012, SORNE performed with international acts TV on the Radio, Beats Antique, James Blake, Dr, Dog, Dawes, Blitzen Trapper, Little Dragon, Rubblebucket and more. SORNE is poised to make 2013 a break out year.

Dirtwire (David Satori of Beats Antique)

Dirtwire's self titled release is an instrumentally rich piece full of folksy sounds and solid beats. Percussion is sometimes accomplished with snaps thumps and claps, other times it's strictly electronic.

No two songs in the album are alike, yet they all share a unique perspective on instrumental music. The first two tracks are heavily centered around slide guitar, banjo, fiddle, a backwoods harmonica, and other acoustic instruments. The third track (entitled “Xiang Zone”) takes the beats and electronic elements of the sound to a new level, utilizing recording methods similar to those found in “Spacemonkeyz vs. Gorillaz”, a remix of Gorillaz self titled debut album. In songs like “Knock”, a distant beat is lead by deep and foreboding keys, creating a world with a lot of space for maniacal fiddle and steel guitar picking work.

Dirtwire consists of two members, being David Satori and Evan Fraser. With their self titled release they have recorded a solid piece demonstrating a strong musical knowledge and chemistry together.

Metal Mother

Hailing from the dregs of Oakland, CA is Metal Mother, the dark-wave, avant-pop project of musician Taara Tati. Ionika, the sophomore Metal Mother album, is scheduled for release on the artist’s own Post Primal label on April 16th, 2013.

Tati first drew attention to Metal Mother in 2011 with the debut album Bonfire Diaries, which made a bold display of Tati’s unique use of heavy electronic and tribal drums, obscure arrangements, Celtic-melancholic vocal layering, and dark, analog synth melodies. The sounds came together in a way that pleased fans of artists such as Cocteau Twins, Kate Bush, Enya, and Nine Inch Nails.

Bonfire Diaries, and its mesmerizing video for the single “Shake,” went on to receive numerous press accolades, including a “Best of 2011” designation from the San Francisco Bay Guardian which described Tati as “some sort of neon, acid-drenched wood nymph” and “a pop artist in the same vein as Bjork” with “a bold and elemental sound.” BUST simply proclaimed Tati “definitely captivating” while MTV’s Iggy website figured that Tati had “reinvented metal aesthetics for the sake of dark, tribal folk pop.” San Francisco-based glossy SOMA described Bonfire Diaries as “full of beautiful, eerie, unfamiliar sounds,” and Performer Magazine gave Metal Mother its cover.

Now Tati has made good on the promise of her first record with Ionika, a stunning sophomore set. Produced in a studio overlooking a harsh corner of downtown Oakland, California where homelessness and prostitution are rampant, Ionika came to be a mashup of the industrial, the tragic, and the etheric.

“Though that was the world around me, I drew much of my inspiration for Ionika from Druid history and folklore,” says Tati. “This inspiration was reinforced by my recent travels to the UK, literature I’ve collected, and entertainment like ‘Lord of The Rings’ and ‘Game of Thrones.’” Tati continues, Ionika is the product of an introverted period of time for me, where I was overcome with an obsession to learn about both my Celtic ancestry and the art of music production.”

Not entirely convinced that she would be able to achieve the resonant sound that she had in her head alone, Tati called up Oakland–based producer and composer, David Earl, to work his magic. Together, they spent many a late hour extracting the most fitting sounds to accompany the stories Tati wanted to tell. With a heavy focus on texture and bass, they have created a visceral experience for the listener through the marriage of frequencies, drum arrangements, and lyrical embellishment.

“Ionika differs from Bonfire Diaries in that one of the main intentions of this album is to get energy up when the songs are performed live,” says Tati. “The faster pulse of this album probably reflects my ongoing restlessness. It seems the more I do, the more I want to do. “

Ionika, the sophomore Metal Mother album, is scheduled for release on the artist’s own Post Primal label on April 16th, 2013. The album’s lead track “Mind_off” is streaming now, with the album’s official first single “Prism,” coming in February.

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