Guilty Simpson

Byron Simpson, better known by his stage name Guilty Simpson is a rapper from Detroit, Michigan. He was previously known as Guilt. Over time, he saw that there were more emcees using the alias. In order to set himself apart from the others, he added his last name to become Guilty Simpson. He is signed to Stones Throw Records. He is also known for being a favorite of the late producer J Dilla. His debut album, Ode to the Ghetto includes production from J Dilla, as well as other frequent collaborators Madlib and Black Milk. Along with Sean Price and Black Milk, Guilty Simpson formed the rap trio Random Axe. Simpson is also affiliated with the Detroit hip hop collective Almighty Dreadnaughtz. His major influences were Big Daddy Kane, N.W.A., Scarface, and Kool G Rap.

Walking a tightrope can be risky business, especially if you happen to be sporting high heels and a pencil skirt in the process. Since its inception hip-hop has largely been considered a man’s world. Few women have attempted to claim the “emcee” moniker and even fewer have done so with a feminine touch. Armed with a writer’s wit, and a short list of hip hop foremothers, Rita J has critically wounded the notion that an intelligent woman can’t be heard over an 808.
Raised in the talent rich pockets of Chicago’s South Side, Rita J-- Rita Jackson when not on stage—was born to entertain. A trained dancer, Rita J has spent much of her life on stage often showcasing her artistic prowess in competition. Her experiences as a dancer taught her at an early age the value of hard work and passion—characteristics beneficial to any artist, and essential to an emcee.

While her own musical talents lay dormant for much of her childhood, the seeds were planted early on. The offspring of avid music listeners, Rita was raised on a sonic diet of 70's funk, soul, and R&B. Pilfering through her father's record collection for fun, Rita found herself captivated by the soulful croons of Bobby Womack, the rhythmic musings of groups like Slave, Shalamar, and the Bar-Kays, and the vocal and artistic depth of artists like Stevie Wonder, Patrice Rushen, Prince, and Phylis Hyman. Already a seasoned entertainer, her rich musical indoctrination further fueled her desire to seek out new forms of artistic expression. It would only be a matter of time before Rita herself would carry the mic on her own personal foray into the music industry.....

Cysion's versatile rap skills define him as a Dope ass MC period. Born and raised in Detroit, Cysion's story is one of struggle and strain, strength to maintain, but finding glory through pain. On the eastside, that's exactly what it is, a struggle. You struggle for money; it's a struggle for power it's a struggle to live well. It takes much heart to come out on top. The streets eat weaks alive /only the strong survive /got to be wise and never slip on the grind!

Impolite Society

ImpoliteSociety has been circulating through the bubbling indie Hip-Hop scene of the Midwest, building a brand based on work instead of the usual hype. For over a year they've been rocking Chicago's premiere venues, festivals and innumerable house parties alike, moving crowds with their in-your-face performances, versatility and clever yet straightforward lyrics reminiscent of golden era MCing with a Punk ethos.

Cutz on Cuts

No one artist is given more free reign to test the thresholds of genres of music than the DJ, who have long embraced their roles as the communicators and providers of music. Cutz on Cuts is a collective of DJs based on the South Side of Chicago utilizing their skill and knowledge to manipulate sounds over thoughtfully selected music soundscapes. They have mastered ways to blend and bridge angst with direction, folly with logic, and imagination with reality.

"During the 90's, crews like the X-ecutioners and ISP revolutionized DJing in NYC and Cali! In this new millennium, Cutz On Cuts are doing the same thing in Chicago"

- Rob Swift (X-ecutioners, ESPN)



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