Ducky and the Vintage

Ducky and the Vintage

One could describe the music of Harrisburg, PA's DUCKY AND THE VINTAGE in many ways as there are a lot of elements in one indie rock package. The dark but upbeat songs would be perfectly at home on the soundtrack for HBO's True Blood, but, perhaps the best way to describe it, is to get it straight from the Duck's mouth:

"My music is basically a rock 'n roll, bluesy country, soulful vibe with some pop infused," explains frontman/songwriter Matt 'Ducky Duke' Ryan. "I think the songs put across a vintage sound coupled with a more modern approach and they really sum up everything that I am as a person and a musician. It's just rock 'n roll in my own way."

To those who think the name Ducky is a shout out to Pretty In Pink, Ryan's stage moniker is simply a high school nickname that never quite went away. Says Ryan: "My best friend gave me that nickname after winning a stuffed duck out of a crane machine at a diner when we were in high school and it has just sort of stuck. I don't take myself too seriously, and therefore I think it suits me... most people tend to agree."

Ryan - self described as "quirky" and "very ADD" - might not take himself too seriously (meet him at a show and ask him to do his Speak-And-Spell impression), but his music is anything but whimsical. 'Take Our Souls Back' is a dark pop gem with a robotic drumbeat that envelopes the listener as Ryan's soulful vocals open with the lines "I didn't even think love was gonna be easy, but I didn't think I'd have to break your heart for you need me"

'Days of The Walking Dead' starts off sounding like Ryan might be taking a cue from FRANZ FERDINAND before breaking into a hook laden chorus for a track that inexplicably sounds upbeat and eerie at the same time. Says Ryan: "The song is about understanding what is to come and preparing for it - taking the good with the bad and the bad with the good. It's about the days where just getting out of bed can feel like a zombie wandering around looking for brains."

Fortunately, when it comes to the music of DUCKY AND THE VINTAGE, there's not a lot of bad to have to take with the good.

Hot Jam Factory

Hot Jam Factory is where Garage rock, Psychedelic and Blues meet for a hell of a time. With Front man Jordan Trevino and Phil Altenburg on drums this duo packs one energetic punch that'll get you movin'.


Sweet Leda

A karaoke bar. Guns n Roses. Destiny? It was, at least, for Bassist Jaime Horrigan. In 2001, Horrigan's future would be forever altered when he walked into a Columbia, Maryland karaoke bar and heard Julie Cymek singing "Sweet Child Of Mine" by Guns N Roses. He decided that they must make sweet music together…immediately! And they did. The duo teamed up with producer Kevin Hill to create the band, Bittersweet, and they went on to record their first full-length album, "This Is Bittersweet". After a few years and a few changes, Cymek and Horrigan finally found an undeniable energy with two very talented and well-known local musicians, drummer Don Boyette and guitarist Omar ElDieahy…and a new band — Sweet Leda — was born.

Powered by Cymek's sultry, commanding vocals and electrifying stage presence, Sweet Leda has earned a reputation as a "rising star," taking the diverse Annapolis music scene by storm and becoming one of the most exciting and accomplished live acts around. With its rich blend of new school funk, soul, and pop, Sweet Leda's heartfelt original material has drawn comparisons to Joss Stone, Janis, Maroon 5, Supreme Beings of Leisure, and Edie Brickell, while garnering its very own stylistic label: "sexy smooth rock and groove".

With their HOT new album "Need The Music" in hand, produced by Pro Producer Stephen Joseph Antonelli and mixed by Drew Mazurek (Linkin Park, Allman Bros.), the band is working hard to share their music with the world! The album's first single, "Can't Stand," was well received and has garnered much airplay. New cuts such as "Let Her Love Her", "What I Need", and "What You Don't Know" are now getting some love from the press as well as SL's favorite radio stations…and are available to you right now on iTunes!
Local stations currently spinning Sweet Leda are Annapolis' 103.1 WRNR, Ocean City, MD's 98.1 IRIE Radio, and Towson's 89.7 WTMD.

The year ahead promises to be a more exciting one than ever for Sweet Leda, so be sure to check the website for updates. In the meantime, rest assured that the band will be working hard — in the studio and on the live circuit — to do what they do best: make sweet music.

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