When Saints Go Machine

When Saints Go Machine

When Saints Go Machine are a hard band to pin down, four young men doing things with electro pop that no one has done before.
The Danish four-piece formed in 2007 are a complicated mix of influences. There’s dance music in there, for sure, but also post punk, some experimental electronica in the Aphex Twin mould, and, crucially, a healthy dose of pop. You could describe the end result as a heady mix of Caribou, The Knife/Fever Ray and Arthur Russell. But, really, it doesn’t sound like anything else out there.

Rush Midnight

Russ Manning was formerly the bass player for Twin Shadow, but he's got a new gig now as Rush Midnight (note the matching initials there). Cascine Records is releasing RM's debut EP, +1, on October 30th.

Rumors is a NY rock-pop outfit composed of four city natives who have rounded out their rock roots with catchy melodies, shimmering synths, and dreamy harmonies.

Early in 2013 Rumors was founded by guitarist and lead vocalist John Paul Frank, keyboardist Liz Ryan, bassist Chris Bordeaux, and drummer Matt Gaffney, despite their knowing each other in various capacities since they were teenagers. It is comforting to know the group has taken its time to be realized, allowing each member years to hone their skills. Thus their ability as a whole to produce a 7" which sounds like a precursor to their third fourth full length.

The group will be releasing their first 7", on September 9th as a self-titled. The 7" features the tracks "Distance" and "Be Easy," both of which are heavy tunes filled with lush synths, jangly guitars, and immaculate live vocal harmonies. The two tracks were recorded at the Rumpus Room in Brooklyn, and produced by Albert DiFiore (Caveman, Sinkane, Francis and the lights).

By Ian Feulner of inyourspeakers.com


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