The Peculiar Pretzelmen

The Peculiar Pretzelmen

Black blooded sneaky bastards in pin stripe suits careening wildly through the shadows and gutters of neglected culture
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Booze, bombast, barn burning

The War Parts

All this happened, more or less. The war parts, anyway, are pretty much true.

-Kurt Vonnegut

Mike Clark

With a devoted following throughout Colorado's Front Range, Mike Clark stakes out musical territory somewhere between blues rock and garage soul. His wide repertoire takes full
advantage of his expertise with harmonica, guitar, mandolin, banjo, fiddle and concertina, as well as a voice that can jump from a sultry growl to Redding-esque falsetto in the space of a few bars. The resulting sound is old-school, laid-back and altogether infectious, turning his live shows into singalongs, dance parties or sometimes both.

Following a year in the studio, Clark is hitting the road in support of his new project, Mike Clark and the Sugar Sounds, which first gained notoriety in late 2011 with the insta-hit YouTube
music video "Hey Daisy." 14,000 views later, the cheerfully apocalyptic favorite consistently elicits choruses of requests at live shows and, on the web, plaintive cries of "but where can I
download this?!" The wait ends February 1, 2013 with the release of Garage Soul Rock Roll, but fans in Utah, New Mexico, California, Idaho and Washington will get to hear it live throughout February and March (contact for booking).

A prolific songwriter and performer whose past projects run the gamut from country-punk (the Jack Trades) to bluegrass (Crow Flies) to gypsy folk (The Ghost of Michael Clark), Clark's alter
ego as one-fifth of the popular Pueblo Americana outfit the Haunted Windchimes has seen him sharing stages with everyone from Ramblin' Jack Elliott to Garrison Keillor, playing before an audience of 4 million on A Prairie Home Companion last year. With his solo tour, West Coast audiences get the chance to hear some of the best material yet from this chameleonic artist in a more intimate setting than ever before.



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